A New Milestone

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted!  Where did the time go?  🙂


Thankfully, in between closing down the old practice, opening the new, and campaigning for Delegate, I was still able to find a few moments with the camera.

This first photo is from Carson’s Courtyard, a little resting spot in downtown Radford, created with Community Development Block Grants.


On another day, I stopped by the American Legion Building.  Built in 1928, the building has served as a temporary courthouse, Catholic church, daycare center, Radford Arsenal hiring office, dance hall, voter registration office, polling place, and home to Main Street Radford.  The American Legion members have started a restoration drive to raise funds for this historic building.



On July 4th, I rode the motorcycle to visit a few of the communities in the 12th District.


One of three covered bridges in Giles County, the Sinking Creek Covered Bridge was built in 1916.


This next one was taken with my new Samsung Galaxy.  Those of you who know me well, will realize that I have changed phones after 15 years as a Blackberry user.  Not sure it was a good move yet …


The Newport Parade


was followed by the Blacksburg Parade,


and then it was back home to the City of Radford for music and fireworks.


A few days later, the campaign office was buzzing with the sound of volunteers and staffers working the phone bank.


So thankfully, despite the pace of life, I’m still finding moments to pull the bike over and enjoy the view.


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46 thoughts on “A New Milestone

  1. Great post and images Laurie 🙂 The second image looks familiar, LOL. I love the expressions on the kids faces in the parade photos and the covered bridge images remind me of the Amish part of Pennsylvania.

    • Yes! That second image should look familiar to you 🙂 That wall, with your adaptation, still graces my campaign FB page (thank you very much!).
      We have an Amish community not far from where this was taken, so you are right on target with that, too

    • Hi Lynn, good to see your face (or at least your gravitar face 😉 )
      How have you been?
      Hopefully finding some time for peace and quiet … maybe on that bicycle?

  2. Summer is too short to not enjoy all its glory! You can certainly cover a lot more territory on a motorcycle than I can on a bicycle 🙂
    Great photos as always. I have a special affinity for clocks though .. especially large old-style clocks like the top photo.

    • Speaking of bicycles … how is the riding coming along?
      Feeling more comfortable?
      I’ll pop over to your site and see what you’ve been up to!

      • Thank you for thinking of me and my cycling challenge.
        The cycling is going very well actually. I’m encouraged to discover that I’m in better shape than I hoped to be. My power numbers are good (all the strength training and yoga over the winter seems to have paid off), but I still a lot of work to do in the stamina department 😉

  3. What a wonderful pictorial journey of your last few weeks, Laurie! The photo of the children watching the parade is priceless – what a heartwarming expression on the one boy’s face 🙂 And love the perspective of the second American Legion image. All great summer pictures, but I think my favorite just has to be the one of your volunteers hard at work because they’re helping to bring you closer to your goal – go, Laurie, go! 😀

    • Hi Lisa, I’m so glad you liked the American Legion photo. I’ve attended many a meeting in that building and I’m hoping the folks who started the restoration project succeed in raising the funds that they need.
      And isn’t that covered bridge neat? Off to visit your place 🙂

    • Doing my best, Johanna. And as I type, I am enjoying my new porch! If you have to work, it might as well be outside, right? 🙂

    • Another Blackberry lover!! I’m adjusting but I do miss it.
      How are you?
      I need to pop over and see what you’ve been up to!

  4. My new phone is Samsung Galaxy and I love it – but then I never had a Blackberry! That covered bridge would have had me jumping around and squealing with pure joy and I would have made you drive through it a dozen times too …….. All these photos are just so beautiful, you capture the American-ness of your culture so well! Can I tell you how pleased I am to see those young folk working the phones for you? Do you have a sense yet of how it is going? [ Which is probably a stupid question to ask!] And the new practice is already open! Jeepers, where does the time go? Sometimes I just sit quietly and think of you racing around and send all my spare energy – hopefully it arrives 😀 xoxo

    • Hello Dear Pauline! So many have commented, both here and on FB, about the young people working the campaign. Their energy is so nice to have around, AND they are not jaded (too much).
      I’m adjusting to the Galaxy … i know this sounds crazy, but I felt a bit of guilt for giving up the BBerry. I was a loyal user for so long! I keep having to remind myself “it’s a phone, not a person” 🙂
      In terms of how the campaign is going? The first poll will be done in a week and that will give us an idea. I’ll let you know!

  5. Pauline is right–you really did a great job of catching the Americana vibe, even if we know that much of America doesn’t look that serene and nostalgic! Lovely photos!

    • It was a fun day and in that I live in a more rural area, the small town vibe is easy to find . As I type though, i just heard of yet another shooting and your comment rings unfortunately true. America is definitely NOT that serene and nostalgic!
      Sadness …. to say the least

  6. Those were FANTASTIC photos. Makes me want to come and see for myself. Looks like your are busier than a one armed paper hanger. The parades looked like lots of fun. My 4th was quite dull. Maybe next year I’ll come try our yours. :))

    • Here I am, ten days later, responding to your comment! Today is day two of campus orientation for Chris! Can’t wait for an update!

  7. I feel like I’ve just drove throught the prettiest part of America. I know I must sound like a broken record but Da-hang LB, it’s so pretty ’round your parts. The green rolling hills, covered bridges, and small town parades, all so nicely photographed. As busy as you are, you still make time to participate in life and capture the heart of West Virginia so well, Kudo’s my dear. I want to move there and be a neighbour, a part of the community, someone sitting on the curb watching flags and vintage cars going by. It’s all very inspiring. I imagine it wasn’t hard to find folks to work in the campainge office, bravo to them for working towards your success too. Now, excuse me while I eat my imaginary sandwich as I sit on the stone wall next to this beautiful old bridge, I think I’ll just listen to the creek going by for a bit. Simply sublime LB, sublime xox

  8. This is a brilliant 4th of July post! (Just slightly after the 4th) This is so packed with America, I can hardly even stand it. Love, love the American Legion post, and the kids on the curb, and the flag, and the Radford clock, the covered bridge and the democracy in action. Omigosh, my friend, you live in paradise. The soft focus on the cannon/American Legion building – so neat.

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