Scenes from The Shop

It was hard for me to believe, but it had been FOUR weeks since I’d been on the bike!  While travel, weekend conflicts, and sub-freezing temps kept getting in the way, Saturday promised a break in the schedule and from the 20 degree temps. It was time to ride!


Friends who own an independent bike shop called The Shop, were hosting a party to celebrate the end of another great riding season. Many of us will continue to ride through the winter as weather permits, but that didn’t keep the owners from throwing a “thanks for supporting our business” party anyway.


Despite temps in the 40s, it felt so great to be riding!  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and I was smiling the whole time.  When we got to The Shop, we heard the music, and saw adults and children alike enjoying the food, drink, and sunshine.



The party was a time for enthusiastic conversation,

IMG_0164 - Copy-2

festive bike decoration,


 smiling face masks,


 colorful clothing,

_MG_0170 - Copy-2

and the shedding of leather coats.


 And me? After shooting a few pics, I put up my feet and set to relaxin’ before heading back down the road for home.



51 thoughts on “Scenes from The Shop

  1. Omigosh, great, great photos! You captured the guy upright on that teeny bike, which couldn’t have lasted for long! Love the little girl in the hoodie 7 times too big for her, and what you did with the first photo-so artsy. The photo with the sleeve, and the stuff off the belt loop and the ring and the cigarette: love that one! And of course, your boots. 🙂

    • Hi Crystal! so glad you liked these … I came home thinking that I really hadn’t gotten many good shots, but with a bit of fun with some and a second look at others, they turned out okay.

  2. All just like I remember it at the ‘Shop.” Cept these friends look a bit less knarley than my X’s buddies. Those bros were into air brushed tanks, fringed leather jackets, way too much beer, sh… talking, and hand guns in the dark woods. Which is why he became my XXX! I don’t believe I ever told you that I was a biker’s old lady in a past life… Have I shared too much? 😉

    Loved the wheel shot! I don’t believe anyone had those back in ’74.

    • I LOVED reading this comment, Lynda! A biker’s old lady 🙂
      We all have such interesting stories to tell and this just adds to yours. Big smiles!
      (Bob is the best, biker or not)

  3. Gosh you make me smile – you know how to bridge the great divide between life experiences and I just know you can set yourself down and have a conversation with anybody – and they would all be charmed! Great photos! The child in the too big hoodie and the man on the too small bike make a classic pair! ❤ xoxo

    • You know I posted those two pics together because of adult and child but didn’t even pick up on the too big hoodie and the too small bike! So glad you pointed that out, Pauline!

    • Tina! you made my night! It’s so nice to hear that from a photographer whose work I admire. I do see that I have made progress … and am ready to make more! too bad that I can’t practice full time 🙂

    • It really was. I do need to get the bike winterized … after only 4 weeks sitting idle, we had to jump start it to get it going! I can’t believe I let that happen.

  4. I love your candid “people” shots, Laurie! Like Lynda, my ex had two HD’s while we were married. The first one was really nice and beautiful. But he traded it for a bigger one, and I think more than he could handle. He dumped us over in the middle of an intersection the first time out – miscalculated the turning radius. I got burned, and lost trust in his driving capabilities and just never felt comfortable on the bike after that. In fact, I never could get my courage back riding with anyone after that. I so admire you for getting back on your bike after your accident. It takes courage!

    • Oh that is scary!! Yikes!
      Trust on a bike is something not easily given. I’d have trouble and am glad I’m in control of my destiny on the bike (well, as much as I can be anyway).

  5. You outdid yourself with these photos, LB. Just dropped in on a friend a few weekends ago who has a pristine Indian. I nearly fell in love. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey! (sing it like Nancy) loved the post-editing on your first couple of photos. It’s fun to trick up photo’s and I really love to see how others do it too. There’s so many choices. Looks like the sunshine was rockin’ your world that day. What a great long fall season you have.

    Those boots were made for liven’ and that’s just what they’ll do, everyone of these days those boot’s of yours are kickin’ life’s butt for you….are you ready boots? Start walking ! LOL. Those boots are too cool for school. Your boots could probably write a memoir 😀 Do you find them heavy to walk in? We’re having to wear winter boots these days, so the cool factor takes a back seat to not freezing your toes. As a grown up, I’m all about practicality these days. Have you ever seen this video? Crack me up. So much for being ‘in style’. I’d say, “wake up girlfriend before you break an ankle”. Prepare to crack up.

    • OMG!! I would have had those boots off and in the trash at the first ankle twist. Well actually, I would never have even put them on but you get my point. Geez!!!
      I’m glad you like the post-processing of the first few photos. I came home thinking that none of the photos were going to turn out and so I started playing with them a bit. Kinda fun! I felt a little Boomdee in me 🙂

  7. Great ost Laurie 🙂 It was a little cold Saturday but it seemed like it would have been great for a ride. I love the images but what really would impress the hell out of me is if you could ride that tiny bicycle 🙂 Have a great evening.

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