All Natural

Last night’s sunset – straight from the camera


Let’s all try to do more to care for this precious earth we call home.

Wishing the happiest Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate it and a peaceful, happy day to everyone else.

42 thoughts on “All Natural

  1. I’m thankful for your beautiful photo’s so I can enjoy your sunsets too. I’m thinking you’ve all had lots to eat tonight and maybe a couple of brews and everyone’s napping. Am I close? LOL. Happy Thanksgiving LB! xo K

    • We did indeed have so much fun! 9 of us, all in and out of the kitchen, cooking together and eating, too. I’m so very fortunate to have amazing parents who, at 81 years, are vital, active, so much fun, and still parenting me and my sisters.
      Lots of food, drink, a little football and in bed early because of all of the previously mentioned 🙂

    • Thank you! Mother Nature supplied the perfect sunset! It was such a wonderful holiday, with friends and family gathered ’round. Hope it was the same for you!

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