You sit in the truck, watching the rain, and ponder.  There’s no way to avoid getting the purse (with camera), lunch bag, laptop, and self at least a little wet.  Then you remember that it’s just water.  You take the shot, open the door … and go!


(yes … the camera was protected)

44 thoughts on “Timing

    • Thank you so much for saying that. I’ve had that same banner up the entire time I’ve been blogging. While others change theirs, I can’t seem to bring myself to change it!

  1. When it rained and I didn’t want to go out in it, my mother used to say, “You’re not made of sugar. You won’t melt”! As long as you don’t ruin your camera, no worries!

  2. Quite right “It’s just water!” I needed to hear that as I can feel myself settling in for a no-walk day as it is raining……. Just one of those soft spring rains for a change, but wet none the less. The problem is Siddy – he doesn’t look like Siddy any more when he is wet – I need to get him a raincoat 🙂

    I love that shot – it really captures the shut in feel of a wet day! And that tree is really bare! I bet she is pretty when she’s dressed 🙂

    • Oh I hear you on that! Wet human is much easier to take care of then wet dog!
      The tree really is lovely! It’s what I see every morning, all year long when I get out of the truck. No matter the season, she is a beauty!

    • So glad to hear that, Leanne! Mine has gotten a little wet and I always worried that I was shortening it’s lifespan. You’ve reassurred me!

    • Thank you, Tina. That’s what I was going for (and for sure thought folks would think I was a bit loopy). That’s why photographers get one another, yes? 🙂

  3. As a former news photographer back in the old 35mm days, we were told that cameras are quite versatile. We took ours to house fires, car accidents on rainy days, and once even dropped a camera from a second story roof and again, down a flight of cement stairs. all survived even pictures. Once again, good work, LMA

  4. I’m one of those weird people who don’t mind the rain and actually have a groovy pair of rain boots I love to wear. Strangely enough, it’s raining here today too. Currently it’s 38 F, but later it’ll turn to snow. I see a crazy drive home for people tonight. Some Albertans refuse to drive for conditions and it’s every man, woman and crazy person for themselves out there. I should drive a tank 😀 Happy Friday LB!

    • So did you get that snow? Alot of people are getting slammed!
      I am basically an all weather lover, trying to appreciate the rainy days for what they are … adding much needed water to our earth!
      I can’t believe the weekend is already over! I’ve been cleaning and preparing for family to come visit this week. I’ve not hosted Thanksgiving since 2007 and I’m so excited!!!
      Bring on the calories!

      • Ah yes, that cleaning thing. It’s time consuming isn’t it? I actually bought a rug cleaner last week and cleaned our family room area rug. It’s a 12 lb Bissell and it worked like a charm. I can really see a difference. Just when you think your rugs are clean, “na ah !!!”. OMgosh, they sure weren’t. I also moved all the furniture and polished that hardwood floors. We too were having company. How many people are coming for Thanksgiving LB? I can totally see you being an awesome hostess.

        We did get snow, Saturday for most of the day. It was super icey driving home from work. But not the amounts of the Buffalo folks. That’s just insane. I hope they don’t get flooding now. I really feel for them. We had a winter of endless snow in 2009-2010. We were still at the lake. I actually hired a guy to hull some of it away because we were having to throw it so high when shovelling the driveway. We never owned a snowblower, not in 25 years, good daily workout, LOL

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