It’s cold out there in the morning


but if you make yourself take those first steps off the porch


and you look down


and look around



you’ll see the gift that Jack Frost has left for you.


45 thoughts on “Crystal

  1. Such gifts aren’t visible here because of the layer of snow!! Once again, my poor bike has gone into the next season poorly prepared (totally not ready!!!! is more truthful!!). The cold blanket descended way too early…………………………………..

  2. Beautiful sparkling magic…..I do love frost it makes everything look pretty!
    Winter hasn’t arrived here yet, and the roses are still blooming in the ever receding light….I love your photos though. A taste of what’s to come!

  3. Believe it or not, we’re not far behind you. At least in temperature. If there was any moisture in the air we could have had crystals this morning. When I was out, about 5:30, it was only around 38!

    • Thank you! I was worried about the artificial light from the flash but loved the way it made the frost sparkle. It was so early that the sun had not hit the ground yet.

    • I swear it does seem that it came back awful fast, doesn’t it?
      Good to hear from you, Mae. Hope all is well in your world. Will you be gathering with your father this holiday?

    • It really does seem that winter came awfully fast this year.
      Here today it is a cold, wet rain … forcing me to find the bright side of it (I’ll let you know when I find it!).

  4. Great pictures! I especially liked the ones of the frost on the leaves. I don’t think that I’ve even noticed how beautifully frost highlights the veins on leaves before. I need to look more carefully at the little things in nature.

      • lol…yes…as you are well aware, I’m not a fan of winter, but I do try to look at it on the brighter side! After all this is where I’ve lived all my life and it doesn’t appear to be going to change anytime soon! 😉

  5. The first leaf photo brings out the magic and delight for me. If I was there, you could hear the little gasps of “oh! oh!” each time I saw a new sparkle. I love sparkles on frost, and on the top of snow so much. Thank you for dedicating this post to me. (ha ha!)

  6. So pretty when everything glitters in the morning. I’m known as glitter girl at Urban for the way I scrap. I think everything looks more beautiful when it sparkles. No burlap decor will be found in my house 😀

      • Tempting LB, that might be an option. Now if we can get rid of the Burlap smell, LOL There’s a reason Glade doesn’t sell a ‘Smell of Burlap’ candle. It just stinks. I’ve seen a lot of crafters on Pinterest making wreaths and things from Burlap and I wonder how they can enjoy them when they’re so stinky. I have such a delicate, ‘princess’ nose…hahahaha xo K

  7. I love this post. What is it with things that sparkle, huh? Stephanie’s eyes sparkle, and I can’t stop staring into them! How hopeless. Lol.

    This post made me almost think of going out early in the morning.

    Probably won’t happen, but I did think about it.

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