We’ve had so much rain here these past few months that mushrooms are popping up all over the place.


I noticed these on the way into my office.


The shadows caught my interest as much as the mushrooms.



ย No complaints about all of our rain … we’re fortunate that we aren’t experiencing drought.

And just for the heck of it, I’m adding a handheld / no tripod / spur of the moment shot of the moon last night.


Mushrooms and Moons. ย Someone should write about that!

Between having a snake in the house, a flat tire on the truck, and an overfull work schedule, I’m way behind on your blogs! I look forward to catching up soon!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

25 thoughts on “Fungi

  1. ‘Mushrooms and Moons’ Doesn’t that scream ‘read me!’ I’d have to……… Beautiful shot of the moon, which I missed again! I saw the full moon about 10 pm and noted how bright it was ……. wandered off to bed, waking in the small hours and noted how dark it was …….. sigh…….. the next day saw all the photos capturing the event by people more with it than me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’ve always wanted to take a class on foraging for mushrooms. I did get up to see the Blood Moon. The jet lag helped with that outing. Don’t worry about the visitsโ€ฆ. I’ve been out of pocket myself!

  3. Great shot of the moon with no tripod! I know how exciting it is to pull off a night shot like that! Your fungi are beautiful too, and all your photos pulled in some Autumn colors, even that coppery moon.

  4. Oh no. Snakes in the house are not a good thing to have. Hope it didn’t upset your day too much. Love your fungi shots. They reminded me that I forgot to take a photo of some tiny fungi in our garden last week. I meant to…. lol

  5. I can almost see some Gnomes prancing around West Virginia with shrumes like those to welcome them. LOL, do you ever arrive at work when you thought you would? There’s far too many treasures out the window. I especially love the first photo. It’s like a mushroom gang. They sent the tall guy out first to negotiate with that chick and her camera, HA I’m sure if you arrive to the office with dirt on your knees, they’ll probably know why. Just another day behind the lens of LOTBandOFT.

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