Poker Run

The 8th Annual Layne Creed Memorial Ride was held this past Saturday in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.



(photo credits Layne Creed Memorial Ride)

You may remember that I wrote about this ride in 2012.  Check out this link to learn about Layne Creed, his family, and the reason behind the ride.  Over the years, the Memorial Ride has raised well over $55,000 for local EMS, the Surry Community College, and the Children’s Center of Surry, which is where all of this year’s proceeds will go.  In honor and memory of Layne Creed, this memorial ride has become a favorite of North Carolina and Virginia bikers, and has done incredible things for the community that Layne called home.

Each year a group of friends rides down from Virginia, and this year we were geared up for rain.


As always, the Poker Run starts at 13 Bones in Mt Airy, NC, a local restaurant known as much for their charitable donations as they are their good food. A  poker run is an organized event where motorcycles (or boats, cars, bicycles) and their riders visit five checkpoints, drawing a card at each one. The one with the best poker hand at the end is the winner … although really, it is the children that are the winners.



A new checkpoint in the ride this year was Round Peak Vineyards.

_MG_8221-2 _MG_8220-2 _MG_8218-2 _MG_8217-2

As is obvious from the photos, the clouds threatened rain all day long.



Luck was with us though and we rode on dry roads.

The donations are still coming in, but the last I heard, around $7000 was raised.  An incredible amount of time and energy is put into the ride each year, but the Creed family gladly does it to benefit the children of Surry and Yadkin Counties …


(photo credit Velvet Creed Leonard)

… and in honor of their loved one, Layne Creed.


You can visit the Layne Creed Memorial Ride on Facebook and see lots of photos of bikes, riders, and fun!

31 thoughts on “Poker Run

  1. I do love a good convoy – is it still called a convoy when it’s bikers? We recently had the ‘Big Rigs for Kids’ event and for almost a whole day you can hear those air horns booming happily as hundreds of kids in hundreds of big trucks glory ride about the city, collecting donations, having adventures and laughing a lot!! I love when caring, brave people turn a tragic event into a day of celebration and joy and raise money for their charity yo boot!

    Despite the cloudy skies those bikes all look sparkly and shiny and the people do too 🙂

    • Thank you … the family has done an incredible job with this annual ride.
      Off to check your blog and see if you’ve posted about the Scotland / UK results 🙂

  2. Yes I remember this posting well my sweet friend and it is nice to know that he has not been forgotten. I doubt that he ever will be and this is a nice thought.

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend 🙂

    Andro xx

      • Thank you LB
        and keep snapping
        the shutter on
        your camera, your
        choices of photograph
        are always very good,
        and more importantly,
        appealing to all that
        visit your blog 🙂

        Have lots of fun today 🙂

        Andro xx

  3. Bikers are certainly known for such events and for breathtaking $$$ totals raised. So glad the rains held off. Tomorrow is the Mississippi River Flood Run ( you can read more here: There will be hundreds of bikers converging on this area for the weekend! DH and I have chosen to “hide out” at the RV, however, since we’ve been in high gear for the last few weeks. Thanks for the great post, Laurie!!! Hugs……………………..

    • Yes, and so glad to be able to participate in this ride. You know, I never met Layne Creed, but I swear I fell in love with him as I was researching for the first post I did. What a guy.
      Hope you are well and enjoying the end of baseball season!

    • You said it right, Crystal. The family celebrates his life surrounded by friends and knowing they are doing so much good … yet it is still so hard for them.

  4. Laurie, what a fabulous event. Congratulations on the fundraising. I love seeing groups get together, doing something they love and creating a benefit for others at the same time. I love that photo of the bikes heading down the road. Also, I nearly reached into my monitor for a grape. So clear, present and tasty…how did you do that?

    Love your blog, your energy and your great shares.

    • Alys, thanks so much for making me smile this morning! So glad you like what I post ❤
      Those grapes! Of all the wineries I've visited, I've never been able to get that close to vines so covered in grapes. Huge, juicy bunches everywhere!!

      • Given your love of wine, it seems fitting that you could get up close and personal with the vines.

        My father-in-law grew wine grapes in his day (he died in 2008). The familly had a small, 11 acre orchard in Calistoga. The harvest was always an event, but the production unpredictable from year to year.

        Have you been to California? We’re swimming in wineries up and down the coast.

  5. Great cause, great ride, great photos, love the grapes. Ironically, I rehab homes with my sons in a Philly neighborhood named Mt. Airy. Be well, LB.

    • Another connection! (Mt Airy) 🙂
      I’m traveling to PA in a few weeks, by the way. Not close to you, but in the same state 🙂 My friend and I take an annual “Road Trip to Watch the Hokies and Explore a Cool Town” and this year we are going to Pittsburgh to watch the Hokies vs Pitt. I’m very much looking forward to exploring the city for the first time in 20 years!

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