Wine and Roses

Our local wine and beer shop, Barrel Caves Wines, devotes one evening every month to women. The Divas gather for wine and tapas and friendship, and my camera is alway ready to capture the fun.

Kathy makes sure that the flowers are fresh,


the food delicious,


and the wine chosen just for us.



This particular night offered an extra treat. As we walked out the door, feeling relaxed after another great evening, we were treated to this gorgeous sunset.


Not a bad way to support local business!


21 thoughts on “Wine and Roses

  1. Radford looks like such a great community and they’re really lucky you’re part of it. There always seems to be something fun going on. Hey? Do you ride your bike to work? Like with your stethoscope blowing in the wind, LOL. I was just picturing that, thinking what a great way to start a day. This kind of sunset is the best way to end the day too. These kind of gentle colours makes me feel like we aren’t wrecking the world entirely (even though we’re trying our hardest :/). Ending a day like this always makes me think, “tomorrow will be alright”. xox Gorgeous LB

    • That image of the stethoscope blowing in the wind is a good one! I may have to try that sometime. Funny story: I used to wear my stethoscope around my neck and one day walked right out the office and into a restaurant to meet friends. I’m sure that some people that “well doesn’t SHE thinks she’s all that”. HA! I was so glad it only took me a few moments to realize I still had it on.
      I have ridden to work on the bike … the biggest challenge is the purse, lunchbag, laptop, and cup of coffee 🙂

      • Maybe a nice little wicker basket on the back, LOL I can see how a cup of coffee would be a challenge.

        I bet no one had a second thought at that restaurant, except maybe, “poor thing was so busy she rushed out and forgot to leave her stethoscope” ❤

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