Life on the Bike!

Those of you who are new to my blog may wonder where the bike of Life on the Bike is.  Rest assurred that the original reason for the blog is back and after being sidelined for 8 months, so are my days riding!  I’ve had the bike just 3 weeks and I’ve ridden as many miles as I can squeeze into my schedule.  My first ride was with my friend Juli who took me to the dealership to pick up my beautiful new bike.


My second ride was with my friends Dave and Michael, the two guys who taught me most of what I know about riding.  I wrote about them here almost 2 years ago.


The other night, seeing that a storm was brewing, and thinking that the evening light might make for great photos, I headed out on the bike.  It felt great to feel the wind in my face (even with my new full face helmet).


 I took off down a dirt road, near the train tracks, and proceeded to happily shoot the surrounding farmland.


I couldn’t decide which of these I preferred.  What do you think?


It was a lovely evening and the storm held off long enough for me to play a little longer.

_MG_5536 _MG_5546

Even the structure of the new bridge appealed to me that evening.


More riding photos soon!!!

49 thoughts on “Life on the Bike!

  1. Wonderful news you are back in the saddle – so to speak! I can tell your wheels are inspiring your photographs… there is joy. It’s going to be a wonderful summer!

  2. Great to see you back on the bike! She’s a beauty! Your photos are absolutely stunning. I like the first (top) one because it has more context/depth. But they’re both beautiful. Enjoy, LB!!

  3. So good to know you are on the bike and out on the road again! And that you have a full helmet – though I expect it takes a bit of getting used to?

    I think I like the single grass head best for some reason which I don’t understand – but I do love the next photo down – it has a dreamy, summery quality and that speaks to me 🙂

  4. Its always a good day to ride…. The roads are a brighter place with you on them once again. Let Safety, good photos and pleasant good memories greet you around every corner.

  5. Love that first photo!!!!! Time spent on 2 wheels is always so exhilarating!!! DH and I did same yesterday. The threatening sky is what we’ve been seeing here for way too many days. Super dense fog this morning. Love the photos!! Hugs and “Ride Invisible”!

    • I agree with you. The first photo was my favourite of all of them here. Not so artsy as the others, but a photo that fills me with good vibes. It’s the kind of photo we’d all like to find ourselves in one day.

    • Thank you for your enthusiastic support, Doreen! and I’m glad that you and DH got to ride despite the cresting river and cloudy skies!

      • A fabulous diversion, hmmmmm??? Looks like the situation will be continuing for quite a while…..through (approx) July 11!! So glad you stopped by……….Hugs.

  6. Laurie, I won’t give you the safety reminders, since so many came to you from others. I’m glad that they did, as of course we all want you to enjoy your rides and photography and want you to be safe out there.

    Great photos, as always. My vote is for the second grass shot. And the best is of you and your friend ready for fun and safe rides on your motorcycles. Enjoy.

    • Thank you, Bruce, for your safety wishes, your photo comments and for picking up the joy of the moment in that first photo. A great day!

  7. It seems to me that old, decrepit wooden structures cry out for b & w processing. This one is no exception. Of the two strands of wheat, I prefer the first, even though or because it is a wider shot.

    • Those old structures do make awesome B&W images don’t they? and I’m with you … I do think the first of the two is the best

  8. Laurie, I’m glad you are back doing what you love. You’re a brave woman after all you’ve been through. I’m happy to hear you have a state of the art helmet. I hope you never know how well it works. Yeah you!

    I like both of the photos, and for different reasons. The first one draws my eye into the background and makes me curious about what is there. The second photo focuses more on the foreground, and compels in a different way. Most of all, I’m glad you’re enjoying your new bike, your new camera and the re-birth of Life on the Bike. xox

    • Alys, I so hope I never have to know who well it works either. Good Point!! Your photo comments are appreciated as I love to learn what others see.
      and I love that you see the re-birth of Life on the Bike!

  9. Glad to see you are back to doing something else you love, riding 🙂 I love the post and photos. The old building in black and white just seems to be crying out for the new blog 😀

    • Thanks for the B&W suggestion for the new blog … I usually don’t participate in challenges because … well, because they are challenging! I need to learn a bit more about size of photos and some of the other rules, but I’ll be ready!!

  10. Laurie I am mostly happy to read that you are finding time to get out on your new wheels. The red bike is so beautiful and must represent a sort of release from captivity to you.

    I liked the first wheat photo best, because I can make out the background and thus find more of a story in it.

  11. Lovely shots Laurie – what a wonderful combination. I hadn’t thought of all the places the bike can go that a car cant!! You’re much closer to your surroundings aren’t you?! I’ve often wondered if bike riders avoid going out when a storm is brewing so was interested to see you actually went OUT expecting the storm to hit! Yikes 🙂 I guess I’m just a wimp! Congrats on being back on the road again (from the song of the same name I suppose!)

    • You are so right, Tina, one of the things that I do love about the bike is that I am outside and much closer to nature. I know that sounds a bit crazy given the noise of the bike, but I frequently stop, hike around, and get to places that I would not get to if in car.
      I’ve ridden through some pretty scary storms and don’t enjoy that at all, but this particular night, I knew I was close to home and could get to shelter fast if the rain did come. A win – win situation!

  12. I keep meaning to tell you that I had a cousin who had a Harley. She had such adventures. Her name was Rhonda and she was big hearted and full of life like you. She had a good friend who rode around the country with her. They loved riding to various Renaissance Fairs and would deck themselves out in chain mail. They bought hand-forged swords that were works of art.. Rhonda died in her sleep at the age of 32 from a heart defect. Her bike-riding friend Corey, had his sword buried with her. That was always their agreement — when the time came, they would be buried with one another’s swords.

    I’m so glad you’ve gotten back to the bike. The posts of your adventures on it are always a pleasure to read (and, oh, those gorgeous photos you take!), and they make me think of Rhonda, which always brings a smile and lightens my heart. So thank you for that!

    Ride with joy!!

    • Mary, I’m so glad to learn of Rhonda, while at the same time saddened by her death. But what a life she lived while on this earth! I do love the agreement that she and Cory had.
      I’m glad I am able to prompt some happy memories for you, Mary.

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