Life on the Bike!

Those of you who are new to my blog may wonder where the bike of Life on the Bike is.  Rest assurred that the original reason for the blog is back and after being sidelined for 8 months, so are my days riding!  I’ve had the bike just 3 weeks and I’ve ridden as many miles as I can squeeze into my schedule.  My first ride was with my friend Juli who took me to the dealership to pick up my beautiful new bike.


My second ride was with my friends Dave and Michael, the two guys who taught me most of what I know about riding.  I wrote about them here almost 2 years ago.


The other night, seeing that a storm was brewing, and thinking that the evening light might make for great photos, I headed out on the bike.  It felt great to feel the wind in my face (even with my new full face helmet).


 I took off down a dirt road, near the train tracks, and proceeded to happily shoot the surrounding farmland.


I couldn’t decide which of these I preferred.  What do you think?


It was a lovely evening and the storm held off long enough for me to play a little longer.

_MG_5536 _MG_5546

Even the structure of the new bridge appealed to me that evening.


More riding photos soon!!!