Returning to the Scene of the “Crime”

While I still have not found time to learn the camera or even adjust the settings (this Sunday for sure!), I am taking the advice of many of you and shooting everything I see!  While on the way to work, I passed by the site of my Amateur Mistake and decided to try again.

004 001 003

One more thing … I’m attending a meeting at the Boars Head in Charlottesville, VA.  This next photo is a a completely unedited photo of the sunrise on the ice of the pond.


Practice, Practice, Practice

40 thoughts on “Returning to the Scene of the “Crime”

  1. Nice shots Laurie 😀 it good to see you are starting to use and enjoy the camera. Don’t worry about all the features on the camera, I’ve been shooting for over 40 years and I will be the first to tell you I only use a fraction of the features available on my cameras. Set it to aperture priority so you can control depth of field and go shooting and enjoy and most importantly, keep posting great photos 😀

    • I’m so excited that tomorrow, the main things on my To Do list (besides chores) is to read about the camera. Thanks for the info you sent. I’ll be in touch 🙂

  2. I love your photos! There’s something comforting and mesmerizing about them. That first one, the warm tones, being back-lit that way, the hazy background mirroring the fuzzing edges of the plant–beautiful, radiant. And the one with the looseness and flowing lines of the plants contrasted against the tight red bricks and architecture. So interesting. And the others are almost like abstract paintings.

    • Pauline, I am not sure when I have seen such vivid colors! I almost felt the need to tone them down in some of the other photos that I shot this morning. In real life, though – the colors were stunning!

  3. What kind of magical part of the country are you living in? Pink and blue morning sky is a great way to start the day. Good on you for having that camera ready as usual. Love it!

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