Now I Know Why …

… people might want to employ someone to bring them coffee in the morning.


It was a beautiful but chilly ride home after the 7th Annual Layne Creed Memorial Ride last night, and so I decided that for once, I was not going to multi-task my way through the morning.  You’ve been there … throw in a load of laundry, bake biscuits for a friend, edit photos, and have a cup or two of coffee while checking FaceBook and WordPress, writing out the grocery list and doing the bills.  For one hour, I was going to sit on the couch, with a cup of coffee, under a favorite quilt and just enjoy.

A perfect plan!

Until I realized that I would need to get up and out of my warm cocoon and get another cup.  Curses!  (yeah, I know … life is tough).

The ride was a huge success!  In the memory of Layne Creed, over 150 bikes with over 220 drivers / riders set out to raise money for the Children’s Center of Surry County and two Surry County Community College Scholarships.  I really didn’t take many photos since I spent most of the day on the bike.

This is the morning of the ride, looking out over Draper Valley towards the Blue Ridge.  The morning mist still hovers over the mountains.

Amy and Pat's Lake Home 002

Waiting to ride

Amy and Pat's Lake Home 004

Halfway home, along Rt 52, near Cana, North Carolina

Amy and Pat's Lake Home 029

Now … about those chores (after I check out your blogs!)

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

(Update:  The 7th Annual Ride raised $8000!)

24 thoughts on “Now I Know Why …

  1. What you need is a man slave around the house to fetch cups of coffee and, well for anything else that you can think of 🙂 A great read and your photographs are wonderful too my friend. Have a wickedly enjoyable Sunday 🙂

    Andro xx

  2. Sounds like my kind of morning, coffee and friends and little chores squeezed in on the side. I even solved the ‘getting up for coffee’ dilemma by pouring it into a carafe. So I can park myself in front of the Morning News, WordPress and get refills without skipping a beat. I got that coffee thang down pat, LOL
    Congratulations on another successful ride. Surrey County is so pretty and I’m sure pretty happy too. Have a great week LB.

      • No doubt, I pour my morning pot in there and it’s still hot at lunch. Actually it’s still ‘warm’ by dinner time but I’ll nuke it a bit then….I like a java after dinner sometimes. I guess even a thermos would work if you have one of them. Cheers!

  3. Looks like it was a great ride! You got lots of cool ideas on how to solve the coffee dilemma too. Remember though what goes in must come out! 😉 You probably need to stretch your legs anyway.

    • I had to chuckle when I read this!! You are so right on target about needing to “stretch the legs”. Now … for some online shopping (for a carafe anyway 🙂 )

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