It’s All Good!


Waking up to thunder and lightning at 3am had me wondering if I’d be pulling out in a downpour.  By the time I got up at 6am, the rain had stopped, and now that I’m ready to go, it looks like I’ll stay dry … for at least awhile.

I’ll be posting along the way.  Thanks for your enthusiasm about the ride – I’d love to hear from you!!

(this is me on the old bike from the 2010 50th Birthday Ride)


19 thoughts on “It’s All Good!

    • You are funny! I got almost 200 miles down the road beofe the rain bega in earnest. I pulled over for awhile, got intraffic accidenttraffic, but arrived safely and myfriends had a drink waiting! Life is just fine!!

    • Thank you so much…love the photo, the quote, and your thoughts. Almost 300 miles, not quite 100 in rain, and dear friends and a cosmo to greet me! Can’t complain!
      You’d love this view of the river, right off the Chesapeake Bay. Lovely! Thinking of you

      • Aw, thank you for this. I’m sure the views are stunning especially in good company. I’m so glad you got 2/3 of your ride rain free. My hubby and I got engaged at a super awesome inn in Irvington, Virginia on Cheasapeak Bay. If you’re in the area, it’s the cutest town ever. We took a ferry out to Tangier Island and he bought a dime store ring, then proposed in the garden of the Hope & Glory Inn. I can’t wait to go back some day. ENJOY!

    • Already a great adventure with all the usual things – pouring rain, beautiful skies, helpful folks along the way, and a safe arrival. 🙂

    • I’m here and enjoying a lovely sunrise on the river. It was quite the ride (see my previous comments if you like) but i’m safe and happy!

    • Lynda, i’m not sure you saw my reply to your comment (which i loved) because i was on the cell and it didn’t post as a reply to you… But it’s in the comment section. Tecnology – sometimes i use it well;sometimes not!

  1. Now that was a fun comment to read!! Thank you! Today we paddle board on this big wide river (the Rappahanock), right off the Chesapeake Bay!

  2. I can see that this adventuring is as exciting as it sounds 🙂
    There must be no other feeling like it, well there are but I
    am certainly not going to add my thoughts so hard lines 😉

    Have a fantastic Tuesday 🙂


  3. Two days before I walked my little girl down the aisle in a historic church in downtown Philly, and the day before her godfather’s fifty-ninth bd. You have so many good years ahead. Live every one of them! I’m sure you will.

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