Morning on the River

Morning Everyone!!
I’m having to make do with the cell phone shot since I’m still having problems with internet from the tablet way out here on the Middle Peninsula. It’s a glorious morn!

13 thoughts on “Morning on the River

    • I was haapy with it. Especially because of the cloud reflection on the water. I was telling my friends about your “its worse than i thought” comment (about depthof field). Loved that! I chuckled all day!

    • This is the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, – Urbanna specifically. The river is the Rappahanock.;it’s a big wide river and Urbanna is on the river, right near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

  1. Loving your photo LB as life on the water reflects everything back at you. I think our lakes, rivers and streams are really a measure of the health of a community. A community that cares for their resources and nature show care for those who are lucky enough to reside near that beauty. That looks awesome.

  2. I never thought about the technology angle, and there
    is no stopping your photography as you trek amongst the
    stars, yes I know that this is a morning shot but you know
    what I mean? πŸ™‚ lol

    Have a wonderful journey LB πŸ™‚


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