More Than Book Group

A group of friends, and lovers of books, has been meeting in my home once a month for the past 13 years.  As many as 18 and as few as 4 have gathered to discuss the month’s chosen book, after which the conversation turns to movies, current events, and life.  We’ve gone “off site” to watch plays, such as The Vagina Monologues, to search for authentic Chinese Food, and to taste wine.

And sometimes we’re able to meet on the porch.


5 Days ’til Vacation and the Annual Ride!!!


13 thoughts on “More Than Book Group

  1. Only 5 more days, yippee ! I don’t know if you are into Cabernet LB but Rodney Strong makes a good California Cabernet Sauvignon. Have a great weekend 😀

    • No kidding! I’d be lost for sure. In fact, I was able to meet some of them this morning for coffee and even though it was pouring the rain outside (again), it was warm and wonderful inside

  2. 13 years? My mouth is gaping wide open…..this is just incredible! What a great bunch of girlfriends you must have?! The longest I have been in a book club has been four years and it was an incredible experience. Do any of these book friends go riding with you?

    • None of the friends from the book group ride with me, but I’d love it if they did! We’ve really got a good group and the mix of women (and one guy) changes monthly. I love that i read books that I never thought I would.

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