Training For the Ride!

My friend Dave likes to tell me that it’s important to train for big summer rides.  He’s joking of course (well, he’s sort of joking).  Dave & Martha are heading out west this year, so they have a long and wonderful ride ahead of them.  While they’ll be covering thousands of miles, I’ll be heading to Maryland and Delaware, for a total of only 1200 or so.

I’m so excited about my upcoming trip and I’ve been riding as often as time and clear skies permit.  So many things about riding my motorcycle make me happy.  The joy of the wind in my face, the thrill of the sweeps and curves of the road, the towns, historical sites, and people along the way, and absolutely, it’s the adventure.  You just never know what gift the road will give you.

Two weeks ago, I took a short 80 mile ride through the back roads of Floyd and Montgomery Counties, and for a good 45 minutes I was worried that I’d run out of gas.  By the time I came across a gas station that actually had gas to sell, I was down to my last 10th of a gallon.  Phew!  I have never been that close to running out of gas!

008 014 015

Then while outrunning the rain, I managed to end up on a road that had recently been flooded and provided some challenging riding. And all of this, my friend Michael always tells me, is part of the ride.  I agree!

028 017 IMG-20130707-00597 031

This past Sunday, a glorious day sans rain, found me riding through Pulaski and Montgomery Counties. I just could not keep myself from stopping to photograph the beautiful scenery.

091 110 112 121

And the reward at the end of  the day (like the ride isn’t enough of a reward?) … a lovely single malt scotch on the deck over looking the river.

 133 146

My new luggage rack came in the mail today and this year’s adventure begins in just 2 weeks!!

20 thoughts on “Training For the Ride!

  1. This was definitely a nice trip with the Mountenbikes.
    Nice day friends.I have subscribed to you.
    Herzlcihste sends greetings friends Andrea

      • Good evening
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        They have a beautiful Abend.Herzlichste greetings Andrea sends them

  2. I envy you LB, I always wanted a bike, but up here in New York there are just too many crazies on the road. Maybe someday if we ever move out of NY. Have fun 😀

  3. You’ve really got the eye for pastoral views, they are all just glorious and I could totally see them painted by some masterful artist and hanging on someones wall. That little pink house made me thing of John Cougar. I went to his ‘Lonesome Jubilee’ concert years ago and it was just so flippin awesome. You are a guys dream girl, biker/scotch lover 😀 They wouldn’t know how to keep up, HA

    • Thanks so much for the generous comments and I’m so glad you made note of the pink house. I loved it!! and here’s a funny story for you: my neighbor’s husband said I would be the perfect women (motorcycle, pick up truck) if only I voted Republican! We laugh over that all the time!

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