The Garden Fence

Another rain free evening (twice in 10 days!) in yet another lovely backyard.

You just can’t beat the golden hour, especially when you’re enjoying it with friends!


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6 thoughts on “The Garden Fence

    • These friends worked hard to make a space that would be somewhat invincible to critters. Isn’t it a beautiful fence? and you are right: it is a huge garden!!

  1. hey LB, just thought I’d pop by and say thank you for your messages, you are so thoughtful. I wanted to see what you’re up to. It’s pouring rain here today as it has been off and on for weeks. I always love seeing gardeners use of well loved tools in their gardens. It’s like ‘vintage meets practical chores’ and it’s love at first site.

    • So glad to hear from you!
      It’s amazing that some critters still mange to get under the fence and enjoy this beautiful garden (those darn bunnies!).
      Me? I need to be putting my gardening tools to greater use 🙂

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