Hangin’ With the Big Dogs: A 500 Mile Weekend

I just LOVE the first long rides of the summer!

Those who truly love riding motorcycles, will ride all year long.  Even on cold winter days, as long as the sun is shining.  Winter rides are incredibly satisfying but they’re often shorter in duration, with far fewer miles covered.   So when the warm weather arrives, the long riding begins, and there is nothing like it!

This past Saturday, during the middle of an early morning hair appointment, I got the call to ride.  My two favorite bikers, Dave and Michael (My Guys) are great friends, awesome mentors, and have taught me so much about riding these past 5 years.  They told me I had 10 minutes to be ready (I made it in 15) and off we went!

We rode 350 miles,  through 8 counties, and on too many country roads to count.


This bridge was built in 1896 and was just closed to traffic this past year.

006 009 008 007

I’m told that this tower was used to measure river water levels.



It was a glorious day for riding!

026 027

Lunch at Devils Backbone Brewery offered much needed fuel for our bodies, and then we turned and headed for home.

029 036

We hit the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) and pulled back into Radford around 8pm that evening.

051 052

Sunday morning found us back on the bikes, this time joined by our good (and fun!) friends Cherie, Tim, Diana, and Jeff. Dave always leads the way and while I may not always know where we are headed, I am always confident that the ride will be a blast!

Total mileage today was  145 miles.

After a brief stop at Tuggles Gap, a restaurant and motel serving BRP customers for over 70 years, we took off in earnest.


Wide sweeping curves on the BRP and much tighter curves on Rt 8 in Floyd and Patrick Counties, eventually took us to Squirrel Spur.

017 023


Our final stop was the Kanawha Valley Arena.  The arena “was formed in the interest of Equestrian Enthusiasts” and in addition to the professional arena, barn, and corrals, Kanawha has a Carriage House Museum and a Carriage House Saloon.

And a covered bridge!


045 037 036

027 028

This scene just made me chuckle and I had to take a picture!


032 043

What a weekend on the bike!  I simply can’t wait for the next one!

22 thoughts on “Hangin’ With the Big Dogs: A 500 Mile Weekend

    • Thanks Graham! For the visit and the comment. I enjoyed looking at some of your photos this morning. Life is good, eh? 🙂

    • I had to look up the word pillion 🙂 I wish I knew how to add a photo to comments. One of the women jumped on my bike and sat on the teeny, weeny little pad back there. Made for a funny photo!!

      • Yikes! I had a similar painful experience … on the fender of a heritage softail. Yours was much worse though! at least the softail has springs!!

      • I took a buddy up Leith Hill in the UK on the front fender of my Honda (Before I went Brit Bike). There are lots of very bumpy tree roots on the way for a road bike 😀

    • You know, it’s funny … I wasn’t at all sore. This bike is much more comfortable for me than the last two. I was pretty comfy!

    • Thanks Laurie … it took me awhile to figure out how to change that gravatar image. I have so much to learn about wordpress (even after a year of blogging!). I had a yummy quesadilla at the restaurant but Dave ordered the Fish and Chips and they truly were the best I’ve tasted! Next time, that’s what I’m getting!

    • Tommy Brown has created quite the event space! I’ve heard from rodeo riders that it’s a great space. I guess there are a few people who are not happy about the noise and the crowds on event weekend (you know … those damn bikers), but it seems to be that it’s a good thing for the county. It’s a really pretty setting and he’s put some money into making it nice.

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