Of Horses and Spiders

I delivered some dinner to a couple friends the other night and couldn’t help but go visit the horses on the adjacent property.  When they weren’t staring me down, wondering what I was up to, or eating, they were literally kicking up their heels in play.  Wish those photos had turned out … I’m still learning animal photography 🙂

I kinda liked these though.







And then there was this spider …

018 013 014

26 thoughts on “Of Horses and Spiders

    • Sorry about the creeps … to be honest I was hoping to get some cool web shots, but the colors of the spider were too pretty to be ignored. Now those horses? True beauty!

  1. Beautiful photographs, although I must admit the horses resonate more with me than the arachnids, I know they are also god’s creatures, but they give me the creeps, I can’t help it! 😉

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. What kind of camera are you using? The colors are so vibrant! Thanks for sharing. Those horses – and even the spider – are breathtaking.

    • Thanks for making me smile! I am still using my Canon sx40 – it’s not a SLR. I bought it when I wanted to improve my photography but wasn’t ready for changing lenses. Plus I wanted an easy camera to use while biking. Now though? So ready for an upgrade!!

      • You totally should, when you’re ready. I think you’re gifted! I love taking pics too, but only have my phone. Maybe I’ll upgrade to your type of camera. 🙂

      • Upgrade for sure! My camera is one of the “super zoom bridge” cameras ,,, in between the pocket point & shoot and the SLR. Canon also has one with a 20x zoom that is smaller in size and now a 50x. I’ve seen the 40x for as low as $280 (I bought it for $350 @18 months ago) and I have loved it! A friend of mine who has all kinds of fancy SLR equipment added the 50x to his collection for when he doesn’t want to carry all the lenses around. It’s such a fun camera and truly has been a great bridge – I’ve learned alot and am ready to move up (kind of like what I did with my motorcycles; start small / move up). okay that was long winded … 🙂

  3. It’s a love/hate thing LOL. Love the swooshy tail in your 4th horse photo. I also love pet photo’s that leaves something to the viewers imagination, so your last horse photo is my fav. As for spiders OMG…..I’m half way across the yard when I see one…..and never that close

    • As you can tell by the comments before yours (and verbal comments from others) you are not alone in the love / hate for this post! One of the women in my office wouldn’t even look at the photo 🙂 I’ve had many comment (in a love way 🙂 ) about the swooshy tail and the head shot. Thanks (by the way …raining here …)

      • Rain can be soothing….both for the earth and personally. It’s kind of awesome when your photographs elicit such strong feelings, even when they aren’t positive. ‘yikes, eek, gasp, holy sh@t, LOL…… Way to go LB

    • Thanks Robyn. I made the one shot B&W because the lighting just wasn’t right in color. It’s funny how B&W is just the answer sometimes!

    • Thank you! These creatures (horses and spiders) tend to draw almost identical responses … love for one, fear or dislike for the other 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ve upgraded to my first DSLR since I took these and while i do love the shots and the memories, I’m more critical over the lack of clarity.

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