One Hour on the Bike

In just one hour after work, I was able to ride the motorcycle from the river …




to the farm …


to the woods.


Not a bad way to spend an hour!

10 thoughts on “One Hour on the Bike

  1. Love how you’ve captured the light in these pictures,
    I find myself to be lucky aswell, to be living just in between the river Rhine and the forrest..makes it hard to choose at times where to walk the dog 🙂

  2. I sold my Harley and started cycling four years ago when I moved to Bucks County, PA. There are a lot of bikes up here, and winding country roads, and I’m getting the itch again. Your Life on the Bike makes me want to scratch it even more. You do a beautiful job. Keep at it. I’ll let you know when I’m back on the beast.

    • Please do!! and I’ve been telling people that I want to visit some of the places you’ve written about. I need to go back and check your blog … wasn’t there a place in Delaware? A canal path or something (or I could be totally wrong). I’m going to ride there in about 6 weeks, but plan to hit further east and south than where you’ve described.

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