It’s Nice to be Home

As much as I love to hit the road and explore new places, having traveled the last 5 of 7 weekends, I was missing what my friend Debbie calls “bonding with your house”.  

I missed the baking and cooking …

Chicken Salad for a friend’s birthday


Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits for a couple other friends on Father’s Day


The potting and planting …




I can never have enough basil!


The time for photography …

010 014 011

Time to catch up on reading and blogging … currently reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall


And even the time for cleaning and laundry (but you don’t need to see a photo of that now do you?).

Of course, there was time to call my father …

This is my father, mother, and me at our annual Mothers Day / Fathers Day Dinner 2 weeks ago


and this is Daddy, the most amazing father, back in the 70s.  He is now Captain USN, Retired


If I’m lucky and it doesn’t rain, I’ll get some time on the bike …


Yes, traveling and exploring are two of my most favorite things to do … but staying home isn’t bad at all.

14 thoughts on “It’s Nice to be Home

  1. Can I tell you I loved this post…each image and sentence, I am saying me too!! When I got to your books and wine…I just moaned…tell me these aren’t all your books are they? I am talking about photography and blogging books tomorrow…you might enjoy it?☺ Hope you are nesting nicely in your home now.

    • Laurie, your words made me smile! Thank you … and yes! Those are all my books, as are the books in 4 other bookshelves. I’ll look forward to tomorrow’s post 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m excited because I’ll actually be home for the next month! What a treat after feeling like I have traveled from the beginning of March onward. Big happy sigh!

  2. You have a full life LB, how awesome! Your Dad really hasn’t changed much at all! What great genes you have in your favour. I never seem to have enough time to do everything on the list, but variety is the spice of life for sure. Enjoy!

    • You know, I truly am blessed to have such good genes and such amazing parents. The list of things to do and try and appreciate is always too long, but since you are AWESOME I have faith you will get it done! And I will be right here watching it happen. I so enjoy your company on wordpress 🙂

  3. Wishing you dad all the best and blessings on Father’s Day and everyday. It does feel good to be home.

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