Gwynn’s Island

Gwynn’s Island is an island located in the Chesapeake Bay on Virginia’s Middle Peninsula.  Just drive over this drawbridge and you are there.



Hopefully, you’ve seen my post Fresh From the Bay.  This small community lives and loves the marine life.  I’ve included this photo (credit the Gwynn’s Island Museum) because it offers such a great view of the island.


The Chesapeake Bay is a fragile economy and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the largest conservation organization dedicated solely to saving the Chesapeake Bay, has a mission to reduce pollution, improve fisheries, and to protect and restore natural resources such as wetlands, forests, and underwater grasses.


Before heading off to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and to Delaware, I wanted to share a few more images from 3 lovely days on this Island.







I hope you’ll find time to visit the Middle Peninsula someday … it really is worth the trip!

(You may be wondering why some of these images are watermarked and others are not … just a little Lightroom trouble today)

Next Up:  The Eastern Shore and Delaware

Purple Rain


Despite the rain on the Middle Peninsula last week, each morning I woke to the sounds of the Chesapeake Bay and the beauty of nature.  As you read this post, which I wrote and scheduled before I hit the road, I’ll be riding through southeastern Kentucky.

Cross your fingers and hope that it’s not raining where I am, and I’ll hope the same for you (unless you are in draught conditions, of course!)

Fresh from the Bay

The first half of my vacation is over but the memories of the Middle Peninsula on the Chesapeake Bay, the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and the beaches of Delaware keep me smiling.  There is much I want to share with you but since I leave for Kentucky in the morning, I thought I would share just a few photos from our fresh crab and tuna steak shopping trip.


Aren’t the colors of those crabs vibrant?  These photos are unedited; the color is true.




The fisherman working that day, saw my camera and offered to let me walk out onto this fairly rickety dock.  From that vantage point I was able to photograph some of the surrounding docks.


The weather those first three days was what some might consider less than “beachy”, but for me and my friends, it did not matter.


We were happy just to be together and to explore the culture, marine life, and food that the Middle Peninsula of Virginia offers.


What an incredible place!


More photos from the coastline of Virginia and Delaware after I get back from my time on the bike!  Next stop … Kentucky!


Everyone knows what it’s like to come home from vacation with a ton of digital images to sort through, delete, edit, and post.  Well, add to that my ignorance with technology and getting photos from camera to tablet and back off tablet.  Ah well … lessons learned (and still to be learned in terms of patience).

Part 1 of the 2013 Bike Trip involved a 550 mile ride to Urbanna, Virginia and back.  It was a glorious 3 days on the Rappahannock River and on the Middle Peninsula.  I’m home for 24 hours before heading back out. Lots to do, including figuring out that technology problem, before getting back on the bike early tomorrow morning.  Can’t wait!

For now, know that I enjoyed …




The beauty of the water …

042 101

The elements …

IMG_5625 IMG_5627

The wildlife …


A whole lot of fun with the GOAs (Girls of August; friends from grad school 20 years ago; this was taken with someone’s phone; I’m in the VT cap) …


And a little history on the way home … Appomattox, Virginia … the old jail house


Hope you enjoyed these! More to come!!