Taylor’s Island on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Twenty-nine years ago, four women met while attending the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia. Friendships were born during the challenges of graduate school and the process of becoming Nurse Practitioners, and a few times each year, we gather to celebrate our great good fortune in having met. We’ve been together through celebration and devastation, and have shared many a meal, a beverage, and lots and lots of laughter.

We call ourselves the Girls of August – the GOAs – (we WERE girls when we met) because during the first week of August we spend the week together. The only requirement to the location is that there must be water, whether it be ocean, bay, river, lake, or puddle. This year we stayed in a small rural location on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

A hurricane, a surgery, and Covid derailed the 2020 gathering, so this year’s vacation was a gift. A gift of time, friendship, the natural world, minimalism (no TV, no nearby stores), good food and drink, and wonderful friends.

Taylor’s Island proved to be the perfect place for those looking for a break from traffic, TV, and the fear of Covid. It was also the perfect place for the GOAs.


Pier Love

If you’re like me, and I know many of you are, you come home from your travels with almost too many photos to look through, process, save or delete. How can it be that a simple 4 day trip to the Middle Peninsula of Virginia could yield over 400 photos?

Perhaps I should just PUT THE CAMERA DOWN.


  Since that will never happen, it was time to get to work!  In reviewing the photos from my time on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, it was clear that one object garnered much of my attention.


What was it about this pier that kept catching my eye?


Was it the obvious presence of it?

_MG_6809 _MG_6829

Or it’s ability to stand quietly in the background?


Was it more striking against the colors of a cloudy sunrise?


Or did conversion to black and white bring out the beauty?

_MG_6974 _MG_6827

Perhaps it’s attraction was stronger after a storm?

_MG_7136 _MG_7133

Or maybe because it held memories of a lovely evening with friends?


Whatever the reason, I came home with too many pier photos to count.  I’ve picked the best of the lot and shared them with you here.  And if you’re still with me after viewing the first 12, I’ll hope you can handle just one more.


You may have seen this before.  It’s my favorite and as a amateur photographer, one that I am quite proud of.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I present this photographic study of a Middle Peninsula pier.

Purple Rain


Despite the rain on the Middle Peninsula last week, each morning I woke to the sounds of the Chesapeake Bay and the beauty of nature.  As you read this post, which I wrote and scheduled before I hit the road, I’ll be riding through southeastern Kentucky.

Cross your fingers and hope that it’s not raining where I am, and I’ll hope the same for you (unless you are in draught conditions, of course!)