Purple Rain


Despite the rain on the Middle Peninsula last week, each morning I woke to the sounds of the Chesapeake Bay and the beauty of nature.  As you read this post, which I wrote and scheduled before I hit the road, I’ll be riding through southeastern Kentucky.

Cross your fingers and hope that it’s not raining where I am, and I’ll hope the same for you (unless you are in draught conditions, of course!)

28 thoughts on “Purple Rain

    • It turned out to be okay … 4 days on the road, and only 5 hours of riding in the rain. I had some great days riding the bike and hiking in the parks. I’m sure others would have been bummed about hte lack of sun, but I was just happy to be on vacation AND to arrive home safely! The “wreck monkey” is off my back!

      • Hey, you don’t always have to crash, I rode for 30 years and can count the number of times I have crashed… No actually I can’t 😀 But in my defence the majority were caused by me going way too fast,

    • Bruce, I thought of your comment so many times these past few days. While we have had excessive amounts of rain, I am so aware that others are in draught. Makes me sad … and makes me worry.

  1. Clever title. 😉 This is an evocative photo. One of my favourites already.

    So tell me about the copyright notes you are now using. Have you been having problems with people using your photos, or just realized it’s a good idea? I ask because recently I was browsing the Internet and stumbled onto a news article about upcoming events. The image used to accompany the article was my own, and no credit had been given! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t care if people use my photos, but give me credit at least.

    • I don’t know about Laurie, but I came across one of my quilt blog photos on Pinterest (no watermark at that time) and thought I had better get some research done. I downloaded Windows Live Writer (free program) and now write my posts in “Writer” and upload them to my site. It’s a super easy link-up and, I hope, it alleviates the “credit” issue. I really don’t care if my photos are “borrowed” but a little credit is due!!!!!

    • Glad you liked the photo, and the title 🙂
      As far as the watermark … I was kind of like you. I realize that by publishing my photos, I am making them available for being use by the pubic, but I would like the recognition. It’s alot of joyful work to take, edit, and publish these images. I am using Lightroom.

    • So good to hear from you! Hope all is well (I’m quite sure you are busy!)
      Of the four days on the bike, I was able to ride 3 1/2 without rain. A great trip (pics later!)

  2. That is a great photo – I couldn’t see how it worked at first but eventually got there – now I’m having difficulty imagining what position you were in to get that perspective 🙂 Oh, and the poor lonely, abandoned little seashell…….. Happy riding, sunny skies 🙂 .

    • It’s sort of interesting. I walked out on the deck one morning, with a cup of coffee, and sat in an adirondack chair like the one in the photo. As I looked out toward the bay, I noticed the shells that someone had left on the arm of the chair, and the raindrops from the storm the night before. The scene just begged to be photographed!

  3. Let us pray! No rain for Laurie! Yesterday they predicted rain for us on Monday and Tuesday. They now say maybe next Thursday. So it goes…

  4. I hope you’re able to enjoy Kentucky sunshine LB. Rain is OK if you’ve already reached your destination. You can always ride a tire tube on the waves, read a good book or play cards or scrabble inside. Traveling is always better in the sunshine.

    I read some messages above about photo’s and Pinterest. What people might not realize is by having a Pin Button on your posts, you are *inviting* others to put it on their boards. The photo is always tied back to where it originated under ‘Pinned From’. I never feel obligated to add that info *again* in my personal notes about the pin. It’d be redundant. If I say ‘nice quilt pattern’ that’s why I’m Pinning It. That’s just my personal opinion of course. If someone uses your photo on their Blog posts, that’s different. Of course they should name the source or provide a link back.

    • Thanks for the photo comment. The scene definitely caught my eye.
      I didn’t see much sun, but was also more dry than wet, thankfully! Today, I hit rain for the last 2 hours, but I’m home safe and sound! The “wreck monkey” is off my back! YAY!

  5. What a gorgeous photo! I’m way behind, but clearly crossed fingers were not in order after all.

    So you won’t believe this, Laurie, but Victoria was in the midst of an eight week drought and water rationing. They only had six days of rain over an eight week period. It rained one evening while we were there. Crazy!

    Did I mention I love this photo?

    I love this photo!!!

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