Everyone knows what it’s like to come home from vacation with a ton of digital images to sort through, delete, edit, and post.  Well, add to that my ignorance with technology and getting photos from camera to tablet and back off tablet.  Ah well … lessons learned (and still to be learned in terms of patience).

Part 1 of the 2013 Bike Trip involved a 550 mile ride to Urbanna, Virginia and back.  It was a glorious 3 days on the Rappahannock River and on the Middle Peninsula.  I’m home for 24 hours before heading back out. Lots to do, including figuring out that technology problem, before getting back on the bike early tomorrow morning.  Can’t wait!

For now, know that I enjoyed …




The beauty of the water …

042 101

The elements …

IMG_5625 IMG_5627

The wildlife …


A whole lot of fun with the GOAs (Girls of August; friends from grad school 20 years ago; this was taken with someone’s phone; I’m in the VT cap) …


And a little history on the way home … Appomattox, Virginia … the old jail house


Hope you enjoyed these! More to come!!

29 thoughts on “Variety

    • Thanks Joe! AND you’ll be happy to know (or well, you might be happy to know) that with a little help from a friend, I got the images back onto my hard drive. Phew! I was able to post the bike shots 🙂

  1. Thanks for the note and pics. I especially love the second water shot (with all the little pilings sticking out of (and in) the water: truly beautiful!

  2. My first glimpse of your Space and you are setting off on another journey, but what sights you have seen on your travels. The photographs are brilliantly taken and add depth to your adventure, well it does for your reader base anyway and I have certainly enjoyed my visit. I hope that your early start on the morrow proves to be a very happy one and that your trip is amongst the very best that you have ever had. Have lots of fun and keep adding to your uniqueness my friend 🙂


    • Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! How fun your words were to read 🙂 and if you knew me, you would know how much I like being unique!!!

      • I will try sending you an invite to my Space but if I am unable to do so, then if you wish just rap on the gates and I will grant you access 🙂 I certainly like your style of posting my friend and will be calling back again soon 🙂 Have a lovely trip on your morrow 🙂


  3. Geez, you’re really getting a mixed bag of weather. Nothing like sunny days with girlfriends to temper the rainy days. Were you caught in the downpour or safely under the overpass? I really like your photo of your Bike with the car zooming by behind, great contrast! Like time standing still.

    • I rode in about 80 miles in the rain. I pulled over for awhile but then thought “I’m already wet, what’s a little more wet going to do to me”. Just have to be very careful for those around me. And I too was so happy with that shot of the bike with the car rushing by. Thanks!
      Keep your fingers crossed that I at least start out the day without rain tomorrow!!

  4. It’s one thing to get caught in the rain on a bike….but it’s never fun starting out in the rain. I hope you are able to stay dry tomorrow.

    • I agree! I just want to get down the road a ways first. Last week I made it 150 miles before the rain started. Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

    • The GOAs are a blast and I’m very blesses to have them in my life. The bike has given me no problems so far (and again -thanks for the chuckles!!)

  5. I’ll commiserate with you on the piles of photos to sort through after a trip! I haven’t posted for weeks, and the store of unrevealed photos is getting rather overwhelming. Those sunrise and water photos are so great. I just can’t get over how well you zone in on small glimpses of a scene and pull out the most stunning part of it.

    • Crystal, you are too kind to say such about my photos…. I appreciate that! I can’t wait to read about your latest adventure!

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