Farmhouses and Barns in Fifteen Degree Weather

Despite the 15 degree weather, the day dawned beautifully and I spent a couple hours outside shooting the local scenery.  One thing I learned?  I need to get gloves that protect my fingers in sub freezing temperatures!

This old farmhouse sits right along side the road and I pass it on the way home each evening.  I loved the shadows on the side of the house.








I pass this farm on the way to work each morning and in order to take pictures, I have to get on the highway and pull over just off the exit ramp.  As usual, I wonder what the folks driving by think as I climb over the guard rail and wander around in the weeds.





13 thoughts on “Farmhouses and Barns in Fifteen Degree Weather

    • I can’t wait to have time to really look at this. The gloves look great but also the lens cover that help with moisture Thanks Lisa! (and I too, like the ice crystals!)

  1. Some people can turn all that old rusty stuff into the neatest home decor. They just have a great vision for reusing old materials. I follow one Blog called ‘Hammer Like A Girl’ and they’re rock stars when it comes to it.

  2. How appropriate the above comment is as these pics literally hit me like a hammer! Something about old buildings really gets me. I’ve always loved them and yearn to spend my time wandering about soaking up the feelings they leave behind.

    • I know! Wouldn’t it be great to know the history? Where did the family go? Why did the farmhouse start falling apart? What happened …

      • Exactly! I always “feel” something in a ruined house or structure. It’s like the history of the family is still there, you just have to absorb it somehow?

  3. I love old buildings and these are wonderful photos. I envy you that it is a short drive for you to go and capture them. You should get gloves that are good for texting. Those fingers are the exact fingers you need for photography!

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I am indeed lucky to drive by the places everyday … I finally just got up early on a Saturday so I had more time to shoot. I found some on a photography website (see the comment above) that aren’t too expensive and I’ve heard Target has those texting gloves also. Definitely need to go shopping.

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