A Little Blue

Alys asked if we are feeling Red, White, or Blue today and my response: I can’t help but feel a little blue.  Because of that, I decided to focus on being thankful to those working on this day of celebrating America’s Independence.

My route on the bicycle this morning took me past dozens of people working to set up Radford’s Spirit of America celebration, and past dozens more enjoying our beautiful bikeway / walkway.  It struck me that that, while many of us are off today, there are so many who are working, whether in their paid jobs or in volunteer service.  Thanks to all of them for making the community better.

Please visit Gardening Nirvana and read Alys’s thoughts on July 4th.

I’m off on the motorized bike for a bit.  Then I plan to come home and catch up with all of you!


My First “Real” Photography Gig!

This past weekend I photographed my first wedding!  Not as a pro, mind you, but as a favor to a dear friend, the mother of the groom.


This wedding came up suddenly and I readily agreed to do it.  Yet almost as soon as I said yes I began to worry.  Not only had I never photographed a wedding before, I would not necessarily be the one you would want.  I’m not a “traditional” person in life or in my photography … some of the typical wedding shots would just not be my thing.  I rather prefer candid shots and more artistic ones.  In addition, I don’t use (or own – YET) a DSLR.  Finally, and most importantly, I wanted my friend to be happy!


Thankfully, I only had 7 days to stress it and I talked to some professional photographer friends before hand to get some hints.  I came home after shooting for 5 hours, was pretty beat and after viewing the pictures, was not pleased. In the light of day and after a good night’s sleep, I felt much better about them.

It was quite an experience and I had such a good time, even though it was WORK!  I have much to learn about this type of photography (not that I plan to do this for a living).  I’m only sharing a few (for privacy purposes) but am happily including several shots of the location – along side a creek in Giles County, Virginia.  The water was so still and the reflections on the surface were incredibly clear.

















Remembering Summer and Old Bridges

I truly am a four season fan.  Just when I tire of heat, it grows cooler.  When I think I’ve had enough of the cold, the warm air returns.  I truly do try to embrace whatever mother nature serves up each day, and I often walk out the door without having a clue as to what the temperature is.

So why the remembrance of a hot August day at the beginning of a mild winter?  I came across these pictures when looking for a particular photo that I took over the summer.   The lush, green hues against the old crumbling bridge took me back to a fun day on Big Walker Creek in Giles County, Virginia.  What a contrast to the colors of early December.