A Little Blue

Alys asked if we are feeling Red, White, or Blue today and my response: I can’t help but feel a little blue.  Because of that, I decided to focus on being thankful to those working on this day of celebrating America’s Independence.

My route on the bicycle this morning took me past dozens of people working to set up Radford’s Spirit of America celebration, and past dozens more enjoying our beautiful bikeway / walkway.  It struck me that that, while many of us are off today, there are so many who are working, whether in their paid jobs or in volunteer service.  Thanks to all of them for making the community better.

Please visit Gardening Nirvana and read Alys’s thoughts on July 4th.

I’m off on the motorized bike for a bit.  Then I plan to come home and catch up with all of you!


12 thoughts on “A Little Blue

  1. Thank you for sharing, Laurie. Your photo took my breath away. I love your tribute to all those working today, paid or volunteers. Enjoy your ride. Looking forward to seeing you back here soon. xo

  2. WOW what a gorgeous view from your bike Laurie. This image is outstanding the clarity and depth of field are amazing. Enjoy your 4th and to all those who are working to keep the peace or protect us Thank You. Now I’m off to Alys site.

  3. All the posts I have read so far from Americans are a little sad today – it is so very different from past years. Your photo is beautiful and it is always good to see you posting! Much love xoxo

  4. I love the photo. Would love to sit there for awhile and feel. I think we are all a little blue today. There is no celebratory spirit here today. No fireworks, no community gathering, just the quiet listening for the other shoe to drop. I’ve hung my flag out and put out my red,white and blue quilt but feel no celebration. A great deal of gratitude is what I feel for those who founded this country and kept it free…so far. Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing ride. Giant hugs.

  5. Blue, indeed. I just tried to keep remembering the principles underpinning the holiday and underpinning our country–they need acknowledging and shoring up and celebrating. And it did seem to me that maybe more people actually thought about all that this year, rather than only seeing the holiday as a day off, to drink beer at the beach. I hope you ended up having a good day!

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