Remembering Summer and Old Bridges

I truly am a four season fan.  Just when I tire of heat, it grows cooler.  When I think I’ve had enough of the cold, the warm air returns.  I truly do try to embrace whatever mother nature serves up each day, and I often walk out the door without having a clue as to what the temperature is.

So why the remembrance of a hot August day at the beginning of a mild winter?  I came across these pictures when looking for a particular photo that I took over the summer.   The lush, green hues against the old crumbling bridge took me back to a fun day on Big Walker Creek in Giles County, Virginia.  What a contrast to the colors of early December.








4 thoughts on “Remembering Summer and Old Bridges

  1. I love the saying “God is in the details” even though I’m not particularly religious. And the details of this old bridge are beautiful. Great job!

    • Thanks Paul … I’m so glad you saw the details too. I have spent quite a bit of time on this bridge – even seen the creek flood to within a foot of the bottom!

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