My First “Real” Photography Gig!

This past weekend I photographed my first wedding!  Not as a pro, mind you, but as a favor to a dear friend, the mother of the groom.


This wedding came up suddenly and I readily agreed to do it.  Yet almost as soon as I said yes I began to worry.  Not only had I never photographed a wedding before, I would not necessarily be the one you would want.  I’m not a “traditional” person in life or in my photography … some of the typical wedding shots would just not be my thing.  I rather prefer candid shots and more artistic ones.  In addition, I don’t use (or own – YET) a DSLR.  Finally, and most importantly, I wanted my friend to be happy!


Thankfully, I only had 7 days to stress it and I talked to some professional photographer friends before hand to get some hints.  I came home after shooting for 5 hours, was pretty beat and after viewing the pictures, was not pleased. In the light of day and after a good night’s sleep, I felt much better about them.

It was quite an experience and I had such a good time, even though it was WORK!  I have much to learn about this type of photography (not that I plan to do this for a living).  I’m only sharing a few (for privacy purposes) but am happily including several shots of the location – along side a creek in Giles County, Virginia.  The water was so still and the reflections on the surface were incredibly clear.

















23 thoughts on “My First “Real” Photography Gig!

  1. Laurie, these are beautiful! I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with them 🙂 The candid shots from our wedding are my favorites.

  2. Laurie, these are beautiful–not that I am surprised! You’re so good about stretching out of your comfort zone–especially when it allows you to help a friend. I’m sure the couple and your friend will love them.

  3. I love the reflection shot of the trees and the rocks. Have u looked at that photo upside down? It’s really amazing. Hope u keep clicking, u have talent lady!

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