One Year Ago

We Interrupt the posts about 3 Days in Florida to remember an incredible time.

One year ago, a group of intrepid WordPress Bloggers met in Washington, DC.


Oh, what a time we had!  And although most of us had never met in person, within moments we knew we were sisters of the heart.

The next day, we were joined by three more WP Bloggers, and the happiness grew.


And later that day, we met with another!


Oh what a time we had!

Stories were told, adventures were shared, laughter bubbled up and out, and love was abundant.

We traveled around in the big red truck,


and when we said goodbye at the train station in Lynchburg, the rain was a perfect metaphor.

Tears as we said goodbye, but many, many more tears of joy!

(Edit: this post was supposed to publish on the one year anniversary of the gathering, which will be April 3rd.  Sigh … ALSO, the last photo was taken by either Pauline or Boomdee, yet it has my watermark.  I apologize for both errors)


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30 thoughts on “One Year Ago

    • Wouldn’t that be so much fun?!?!?
      I wish I were wealthy: I’d charter a plane, fly around and pick everyone up, and we’d have that party for sure. Meanwhile, if you are ever near Southwest Virgina, the guest room is open!

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. I am familiar with all but the last two on your list. If I ever catch up here, I’ll get better acquainted. 🙂 A Bloggers cocktail party sounds like fun. I’ll start getting in practice now. Red or white?? Both? Ok. It’s interesting that as we follow someone over the course of years, they become “friends” at least to me. You start to care deeply for their well being. You know what I mean. 🙂 Have a wonderfilled week.

    • It remains a favorite memory. Boomdee and I laugh that we met in the late after noon and were sharing a bed a few hours later 🙂 What an incredible gift blogging has been. I feel as if I’ve made friends all over! You included, Susan. 🙂

  2. I’m still high from this experience and the depth and growth of our collective relationships over this past year. Thank you for this beautiful post, Laurie, and for all you did to bring us together last year. That trip remains one of life’s highlights. Extraordinary in every way.

  3. I have warm fuzzy memories of our time together – unfortunately I see I looked bloody awful the whole time I was in the US 🙂 Cheerio vanity! 🙂 Miss you Laurie and think of you every day. I’m starting to plan your trip down here – the bikers are being collected! xoxo

    • What a thrill it will be to visit! I’ll be exclaiming over the beauty to the point of obnoxiousness!
      You didn’t look awful! Quite the contrary! Now, though, you just are the epitome of health and beauty!

  4. I was so sad to say goodbye at that train station that day 😦 and the rain seemed to be a reflection of it too. I didn’t want our visit to end. xo I slept the whole way back to DC, I was so exhausted from all the fun and emotion of it all. You were the bomb to have us all stay at your place Laurie, I felt at home the whole time. Not to mention driving to DC to pick us up then Lynchburg to get us going again. I have had a draft in my files for 6 months where I started to post about my visit with you. I can’t believe it’s now a year. My goal is to post this NEXT. My Hookie Turkey is nodding, “yes, yes, yes” I love you dearly and miss you more

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