Morning coffee at Kate and Bob’s home offered a few moments to enjoy their chickens.


Clearly content, they clucked and coo’d quietly while I quickly took a few shots.

_MG_4595 _MG_4591

A peek inside the coop revealed freshly laid eggs


Check out the decorative touches and and bright colors of the chicken yard.

IMG_4581 _MG_4597 _MG_4596

Kate and Bob have created a space that would make any chicken content (yes! the chickens told me so!)

33 thoughts on “Cluck!

    • I agree with you! The colors and patterns are so varied and different and pretty. And I was surprised about how softly they were “talking” … very gentle and sweet. Perhaps it was the morning 🙂

  1. This is great Laurie, the shots are so clear considering how fast chickens move 🙂 Are those satellite dishes so the chickens can watch Foghorn Leghorn on Looney Tunes ?

    • You are too funny with the satellite dish / Looney Tunes reference, Joe!
      As far as the speed of the chickens … It was morning and they seemed calm and were clucking softly and it was really lovely.

  2. Those birds are as gorgeous as your photos, Laurie. What vibrant colors, not to mention…attitude…LOL.

    Chicken coops are really catching on here, too. They’re amazing.

    Can you tell me more about the ceramic pieces on the posts? I’m intrigued.

  3. You know some great people Laurie! And those hens – wow, so healthy and plump and gorgeous colours! Did they slow down and pose for you or were you super quick with your trigger finger? Like Alys I am intrigued by the ceramics ………….

  4. I’m so envious. Coffee in the country with the Hens. Everything is growing and green too. What a beautiful start to the day. They are some lucky birds to have such a cute yard to march around in too. What fun art.

  5. These chickens are absolutely beautiful! You’ve captured them well… I know others have asked but did you go home with any eggs? I love fresh eggs.

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