Pier Love

If you’re like me, and I know many of you are, you come home from your travels with almost too many photos to look through, process, save or delete. How can it be that a simple 4 day trip to the Middle Peninsula of Virginia could yield over 400 photos?

Perhaps I should just PUT THE CAMERA DOWN.


  Since that will never happen, it was time to get to work!  In reviewing the photos from my time on the Middle Peninsula of Virginia, it was clear that one object garnered much of my attention.


What was it about this pier that kept catching my eye?


Was it the obvious presence of it?

_MG_6809 _MG_6829

Or it’s ability to stand quietly in the background?


Was it more striking against the colors of a cloudy sunrise?


Or did conversion to black and white bring out the beauty?

_MG_6974 _MG_6827

Perhaps it’s attraction was stronger after a storm?

_MG_7136 _MG_7133

Or maybe because it held memories of a lovely evening with friends?


Whatever the reason, I came home with too many pier photos to count.  I’ve picked the best of the lot and shared them with you here.  And if you’re still with me after viewing the first 12, I’ll hope you can handle just one more.


You may have seen this before.  It’s my favorite and as a amateur photographer, one that I am quite proud of.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I present this photographic study of a Middle Peninsula pier.

36 thoughts on “Pier Love

  1. ” How can it be that a simple 4 day trip to the Middle Peninsula of Virginia could yield over 200 photos?” That’s only 50 per day, what is wrong with you 😀

  2. Beautiful beautiful! I think my fave is the second one you show underneath, with the trusses large in the foreground, then growing smaller into a tunnel over the water. Good luck with all those photos! Sometimes it gets hard, doesn’t it, to pick which one is the best from 6 of the same view? I have had to make an effort to put the camera down. At Faerieworlds, I left the camera in the car when it got dark and enjoyed all the music and sights without it. It was surprisingly uncomfortable, making me think I might be addicted to my camera. 😉

    • Camera Addiction! A new medical diagnosis!
      One thing I have done is learn to not take shots of things that I doubt will make a good photo … so maybe I’m making progress?? HA!!

  3. I must laugh, for I have SOOOOOO many photos I honestly don’t know what to do with them all, and still I shoot. *sigh* I got the camera bug, what can I say? LOVED your image!!! xx Amy

      • Thank you, Fellow Camera Nut!! I told Crystal in a previous comment that Camera Addiction could be a new medical diagnosis!
        Glad you enjoy my many, many pier shots 🙂

      • LOL LOL LOL Too funny!!! I wouldn’t put it past medicine to actually come up with a diagnosis of camera addiction. OMG! That is hilarious. Well, IF they do, I will definitely have the diagnosis!!!! Hehehehehehehe (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Ha! Good you didn’t go overboard. Back in the day, we were taught success was one or two keeper negatives from a roll. It only follows that lots of digital camera shots are also required. Nice photos.

  4. When my eldest daughter was about 11 or 12 she got her first camera and, on a day trip to a gannet colony, took two rolls of film, used them both up and I paid an exorbitant amount of money to have developed almost 60 photos of bunches of birds, sitting, flying, sitting………… and not one of them in focus 🙂

    I can understand why you love that pier so much. It is a thing of solidity and beauty. It is rhythmical and repetitive and stylish and – simply put – an eye candy pier!

  5. Based upon that final b & w image alone, you are hereby banned from calling yourself an amateur. That is/ was my favorite also, that one and the shots from water level, under the pier.

  6. Gorgeous photos as usual! I have the same problem ~ too many photos and attempting to label them correctly so I can find them when needed. Question for you: how did you place the copyright symbol and your name on the last photo?

    • I now use Lightroom for re sizing, water marking, and editing photos for my blog; at least for the past 2 weeks I have been. I really like it (and am thankful to Tim for sending me the link to a monthly program that is less expensive and to Joe for helping me learn it). The first 12 in this post are not water marked as I imported wrong and was too pressed for time to change it). I essentially wanted to get credit for photos posted on the blog. See the previous post for a discussion about that 🙂

    • There really is something about a pier, isn’t there 🙂
      So glad you found time to visit … that means things are slowing returning to some semblance of normal, thank goodness!

  7. Thanks for hanging in there with all those pier photos? Hell, Laurie, I could stand to look at more! 🙂 I love them all. The perspective is breathtaking and inspiring.

    • Hi Mary! Thank you!!! So glad you like the photos, and you probably love piers, too, right?
      How ARE you? All okay in your world I hope!!

  8. No don’t put the camera down Laurie, these are all outstanding photos. Their is something about the diminishing lines aspect of your photos of the pier that lures you right in to the photograph. And the end of the pier looks like a great place to bring a charcoal grill and a cooler full of Sam Adams and have a big ol’ party 🙂 From the color photos the pier looks almost new. I also love the colors of the sky in the other photos.

    • Thanks Joe! I’m all about that party 🙂
      And yes, it was a brand new pier and the funny thing was that the owner wasn’t real thrilled with us being out there (we didn’t realize it was private – there was no signage).

    • Thanks LMA! I’ve been editing and deleting all evening 🙂 The good part about working through all of the photos is that it gives me the opportunity to remember and record the things I’ve seen and what I enjoyed about the travels.
      For some reason this time, I’m having a harder time getting it done.
      BUT i will 🙂

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