Spring is officially here and there are just two more days until a weekend without travel, and an opportunity to visit all of you.

32 thoughts on “Blooming

  1. So beautiful!!!! This past winter has been a strange one for us. Being in TX has given us opportunity to continue the riding and we’re totally spoiled!!!!! (especially when such a huge storm is hitting our MN home!!!!!)…..insert HUGE smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m so glad you’ve been able to ride more, Doreen. Especially after the past few Winters that you all have had up north. I’m looking forward to checking into your blog this coming weekend

      • I’m still in “catch=up” mode!!! Off to South Padre/Port Isabel (via back roads, of course!) this afternoon. Easter Blessings, dear Friend………….

    • Yes! More time for hiking and biking ๐Ÿ™‚
      So, a 70 yr old friend of mine just started thru hiking the AT! Like you, he’s run multiple marathon (I’m not saying you’re 70 though!).
      Pretty cool, huh?

    • I’ve been hearing about that snowstorm! It’s one thing to get snow in the winter when it’s supposed to happen, but a whole ‘nother thing for it to come in the spring,
      Hope warmer temps come soon! and I hope to visit your blog this weekend!

      • The snow should melt by this Tuesday, when it’ s supposed to be 52 degrees and sunny. This doesn’t surprise me. Better this than sub zero temps…

      • We have an almost dry day today with showers scattered on occasion. I don’t think we’ve seen a completely dry day until next week. As we move into April we get a bit more and by summer, no rain at all. Ours comes all winter through spring. We’ve had our yearly total already so the rest is gravy. I’m ready for a little warm sun but then I’ll complain about the heat. ๐Ÿ™‚ There seems to be no balance anymore.. If I take a walk for half an hour, I’m bound to get good and wet. ๐Ÿ™‚ Portland, OR is wet!

  2. As per usual in Canada, we have been teased with the thought of spring, only to awaken to an ice storm this morning. Looking forward to the real deal!

    • Ah, Joe, you are kind to comment here AND on FB.
      Especially since you just lost your sister. You are in my thoughts, my friend. Peace to you and your family.

    • Dave, I’ve been hearing about that spring snow and ice storm that folks north of us are getting. Hoping for warming temps your way soon!

  3. Beautiful photo Laurie – such a beautiful sign of spring for you. I’m enjoying the warmer and dryer days now Autumn is beginning to kick in. I’m walking further, faster and longer and both Siddy and me are seeing the benefits ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! I rarely get to go outside during the day and just happened to duck out of the office for 5 minutes. Right Time / Right Place!

  4. So lovely. When Spring arrives with a statement… Love it.
    Spring didn’t happen here…. It was Summer before anything started to bloom.
    Currently watching the leaves turn here. I am pleased Autumn is making an appearance.

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