Peak Weekend in the Smoky Mountains

In my previous post, I promised that I’d be sharing details and photos from my trip to Great Smoky National Park (GSNP).  Somehow I just haven’t been able to get that done.  I don’t know … maybe it was the extensive oral surgery I just had 🙂  (excuses, excuses!)

I’ll get it done soon, but for now, let me know what you think of these.  Leave it to me to post 2 images in B&W, despite the fact that I was in the GSNP during “peak weekend”?  And as you photographers always say, they really do look better if you click on them (I learn so much from you all)

024 041

A Little Bit Color / A Little Bit Black and White

It’s a busy Saturday (Go VT Hokies!) and I’ll be taking lots of wedding reception shots in a couple hours … so why not a couple of the trestle first?


(anyone get the title’s take off on Donnie and Marie?)


Which do you like better?