Williamsburg Gate Weight

A few weeks ago, I posted an image of a water well seen during a midday stroll through the historic district in Williamsburg, VA.  That same property was bordered by this algae covered fence.  While I thought the green color really added to the look of the white fence, I’m not sure that the caretakers of the historic property agree.

I was also drawn to this gate weight which allows the garden gate to swing gently closed by gravity.

I wasn’t able to find much history about these 18th century gate weights.

Can any of you gardeners or historians offer any information?

Vintage in the Garden

This past February, I posted photos of glass vintage airport runway lights found atop the posts of a garden fence. The cobalt blue lights offered a stunning contrast against the bright white snow.  During a recent visit, I found another of these lights, this time in teal, gracing the railing of the front porch.  In the post linked above, I labeled them Insulators, but was corrected and told they were runway lights.  My Facebook friends are confident that this one is indeed an insulator.


Liz and Wilson have the most beautiful spaces within their garden.  In addition to a variety of flowers, vegetables, and fruits, the garden is decorated with intriguing pieces of art and vintage items.


This last piece adornes the deer fencing that surrounds the blueberry bushes.


Liz and Wilson raise the concept of  “yard art” to a whole new level.