How Ya’ll Doin’?

Forgive me, Word Press Friends, for I have sinned.  It has been 6 months since I last posted.

Okay, so it’s not really a sin, but it sure has been awhile! I also realized that I never finished posting about our Pacific Coast Highway Tour … someday I’ll get to it!

I’ve managed to keep up with some of you through Monochromia and others of you through Zoom.

The rest of you, I have missed, and I assume you’ve all been posting regularly.  How ARE you?  What are you doing to keep occupied during this CoVid Crisis?Please share a link in the comments of a post that you would like me to read that will let me catch up on your life and health!

 Here in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the East Coast of North America, we have had tons of rain, and unlike many who have suffered in drought, the rain has allowed the ferns, flowers, and trees to bloom in abundance!  While I still see patients everyday in my Women’s Health / OB / Gyn Office, I am no longer traveling.  This time at home has given me opportunity to photograph some of the beauty right in my own backyard.

The flowers and trees are not rare varietals, but they sure make me happy.

Japanese Maple

Red Bud

Of course, Daffodils

Dogwood – the first photo in this post is a Dogwood as well

Gerbera Daisy


And … some grocery store Tulips

As I told Joe, this time with my camera has started me thinking about upgrading my gear.  Time to do some research!

Our May wedding has been postponed to September.  Fingers crossed we can proceed.

And I have found time for the bike, although not near enough!

Thus far, family and friends are healthy.  Living in a less than dense area has kept those that I love free from CoVid-19.

Again, please share in the comments how you are doing or link to a recent blog post that would update me on how you are doing!

23 thoughts on “How Ya’ll Doin’?

    • Perhaps I should! Seriously though, it’s something up with my laptop camera that so far I’ve been unable to fix.

  1. WOW your flowers and garden look beautiful Laurie. It’s good see all of you through Zoom and great to hear everyone is safe and healthy. For Terry and I its been challenging still being in lock down but at least we are staying safe and healthy. Give me a call when you have a minute for any questions you might have on upgrading your camera gear Laurie I’m always glad to help.

    • Thanks, Joe! I’m going to go mirrorless and I’d like to stay with Canon, although I’m sure that you’ll have me looking at Sony (and that’s okay!). Glad to hear that you all are safe and healthy despite the challenges. I’ll be in touch!

  2. Laurie, your photos are gorgeous as always, and of course, you’ve covered several of my favorite subjects, including gardening and fabulous friends met through blogging. Have fun shopping for new gear. I hope you’re able to revive your rain-soaked tomatoes. Best of luck. I hope the September wedding is a go. xo

    • It was so good to see you on Zoom! and I was glad to hear that Mike is doing well. You all have had far too many health challenges these last 2 years! As far as the tomatoes … one down, two still looking good!

  3. Great to see you back… let me offer you a hearty “Welcome Home” !! Happy to hear you are staying safe and healthy.
    I have finished my ‘To-do’ list that has been hanging around the house so long the paper turned yellow, but it’s done now and I still find myself behind schedule each and every day!
    So everything here is status quo.
    Hope you’ll be hanging around more often now.

    • Hello!!! I’m so glad to hear from you! Your yellow To Do list made me chuckle, but good job for getting it done! I’m off to work this morning but will visit your blog this evening.

    • That was SUCH a wonderful visit with all of you! Next time, I’ll hope not to be cooking dinner at the same time. I’m out the door to work, but will check you post this evening! XOXO

  4. Welcome back! Good to hear from you and see some fabulous photos. I’m glad you’re well, and have a wedding in the offing. I’m still gardening, able to work from home, and have managed to clean closets and drawers I hadn’t touched in years. Just come by and pick something to read. Anything between March and May would tell you something.

    • Hello Lisa! So good to hear from you! I’m off to work now, but will be visiting blogs this evening. I’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to! Take care!

  5. Wait…what? You’re engaged? How did I miss this? Congratulations to you both!

    I’m doing good today, Laurie. Some days are hard…like most other people, I wish we were not in a pandemic and that so many people have not survived. But I keep going and try to stay safe.

    I’ve missed your beautiful photos!

    • Tis true! Greg and I met 3 yrs ago (I like to say we are a match made in politics since we both have been elected and are still fairly involved). He’s a good man, truly, and supports my independence and my time on the bike (he does not ride). So I hate to ask this here … but I’ve been thinking about your mom. I scrolled back through your posts to catch any news. Do you have an update?

      • Mom passed away a year ago in February. It was time and a blessing. Her dementia was bad, her quality of life was bad. If you go to my main page and click on My Mother, you’ll find a post called Faithfully Home and a very old photo of a very young mom on the left, probably from the 1940’s. Something I found in her room when I was cleaning it out.

        I’m so glad you found someone to be with the rest of your life. I wish you much happiness!

      • Thank you for directing me to the post about your Mother. You were such a devoted daughter to her, and you all were fortunate to have one another. Love that photo, too. Sending belated thoughts and condolences ❤

  6. Welcome back – It’s good to have you back, but don’t apologize for not posting. I’m a big fan of blogcations. They can be very energizing.

  7. Hello sweetheart ! I’m finally getting my butt over here. You’re opening cracked me up and you are forgiven LOL ! Guess what? All those trees are in fact fare varietals here in the North. Sadly, we can’t grow Dogwood, Redbud, Rhododendron or Japanese Maple here. All of them are so beautiful but would quickly parrish here. Anything we entertain in our gardens has to be hardy to -40 C…..banana’s right? 😂 So girl, your gorgeous yard would be shock and awe to most Albertans ! Was so nice to see your gorgeous face and hear your voice Saturday ! I miss you 💕💕💕xK

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