A Few Hours in Blacksburg

Last week, my friend Ruth and I visited the Blacksburg Museum in order to view the work of longtime Roanoke Times photographer Matt Gentry. Despite the fact that we have spent the last 6 months checking the CoVid19 status of every business and restaurant and potential activity, we somehow forgot to check this day.

Upon arrival at the Alexander Black House, which was built in 1897, we learned that the museum was temporarily closed due to CoVid19.  Despite our disappointment, the outdoor exhibits and the Queen Anne Victorian house were still worth exploring.  I did the best I could with my cellphone and was thankful for the beautiful day.

The exhibit Glass Reflections, created by artists Kate Golden, Paula Golden, Diane Relf and many community volunteers, is made of “serving plates, bowls, saucers, salt cellars and other glass / crystal dishes collected from antique stores and combined into flowers as garden accents that remind us of our parent’s and grandparent’s gardens”.

This next piece, Tryptic in Glass by Diana Relf, is created from “pieces of glass, many unused, discarded, and no longer valued. When combined they are both beautiful – and strong”.

Through the trees, I saw the house next door. The Thomas-Conner House, c.1878, is registered as a Virginia Historic Landmark.

Our next stop was the Hahn Horticultural Garden on the campus of Virginia Tech.   The garden was founded in 1984 and covers 5.8 acres. “The garden was renamed the Hahn Horticulture Garden in November 2004 in honor of Peggy L. Hahn who was First Lady of Virginia Tech from 1962 to 1974 during her husband’s tenure as President.  Their generous gift and bequest for expansion has had a significant impact on the garden – from the construction of the Peggy Lee Hahn Pavilion (2006) to the Hahn Meadow Garden (2008), as well as in other ways too numerous to list”.

My post-surgical status kept me from exploring as much as I would like so I look forward to going back!

Next time, we’ll pack a picnic and spend much more time exploring the gardens

14 thoughts on “A Few Hours in Blacksburg

  1. We seem to all be running into the same obstacles Laurie. Most of the places I have been trying to visit are closed also but like you mentioned sometimes a day out in the fresh air is worth the trip. Excellent images and history 👍🏻

    • Hey Joe! I’m going to try (again) to do better with posts on WordPress. FB is annoying me more and more, so WP it is!
      Counting down to the wedding! 12 days … woah … 🙂

  2. We’ve come from being shocked about living in a pandemic, to adjusting to living in a pandemic so well that we forget to check if places are open! I’ve noticed the same thing in my own life. I have entire hours where I forget completely. I recently went into a restaurant in a different county that was still in Phase I and I was astonished that they had no indoor seating. Then I was astonished at myself for being surprised.

    Anyhoo…you did a lovely job with your phone camera and the garden around that Victorian is gorgeous. What a great idea to use the glass that way too, in an appropriate setting.

    Twelve days (eleven now) to wedding. Wow wow wow. I can hardly even express how happy I am for the both of you. ❤

    • Crystal, thanks so much for your excitement about the wedding! It is nice to finally BE excited … after rescheduling due to CoVid, then being down and out and having surgery, then worrying about safety for the wedding, I am finally in a place to be focused on fun!
      Now … 8 days!

  3. What a fantastic excursion! So happy you were able to enjoy it after all 🥰 The garden glass is so pretty! Those gals are really talented. Are those giant pink flowers hibiscus? I think I’ve seen them in Hawaii. I always admire the look and shape of old houses but I can’t imagine the upkeep. As they say, “nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there”, ha! xo 🥰 K

    • Yes, those giant pink flowers are hibiscus. I’ve never seen such big, beautiful ones! You would have loved this place. Someday, when we all gather again, we will enjoy gardens and wine together! And speaking of wine … your gift arrived and I ❤ it! I'll of course send a note soon (and the livestream link) but wanted you to know how excited I was to see your gift. Love you!

      • I would love to go there…and drink wine….and love….and be normal again! It’s a date.
        I wish I could be there the tap your glasses, hug you tight and wish you every joy possible as husband and wife. But until then, bottoms up. I can’t wait to watch with our other friends. We’ll all be with you in spirit ❤ ❤ Cheers dear, I love you too ❤️❤️🥰🥰

  4. I can’t believe I’ve not gotten over to visit the Hahn Hort Gardens. You’re beautiful images have me committed to making this a priority. Thank you.

    August 24 2020 9:07 PM, “Life

  5. I’m late getting here and had this page open for several days already. It’s been nuts here even with Covid. I LOVE the glass art! It’s a favorite of mine. The glass in the frames almost looks like lace to these old eyes. So delicate in appearance yet stronger than it seems. I also love Victorian houses. You cell phone did an excellent job of capturing everything. Glad you found a way to pull off a wedding in spite of Covid. I’m ready for it to be over. Along with a few other things. ;(

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