Pauline the Wise and Wonderful

Our Wedding Day, September 5th, will always be a day that signifies love, life, and loss: the day of Pauline’s birth and also the day she left her dear daughters, Danella and Jo, her sweet Siddy and Orlando, and so many, many friends.

Dear Pauline, when I think of you, I think of wisdom, artistry, and kindness. What a giver of love and life you were!

I will miss knowing you are not in Dunedin waiting for us to visit again, but I am thankful that I will wake every morning to your painting of daisies and when at work, the gorgeous painting of me on my bike.
Friends, please visit Alys Milner’s blog post about Pauline so that you may learn more about this remarkable woman.

* I am on my honeymoon and am not able to access much of my photos; I will add images of Pauline’s paintings when I return *


20 thoughts on “Pauline the Wise and Wonderful

    • blogging, but am afraid that I have been haphazard at best. It is still a goal!
      Yes, Greg and I are on our honeymoon, after being married by Senator Tim Kaine this past Saturday. We had rescheduled once due to CoVid but went ahead with the second effort. We had folks join us in person and by livestream. These CoVid days…
      Hope you are well!

  1. Hello sweet friend. This is such a beautiful post. I’m still coming to terms with Pauline’s passing. I can’t seem to know how to be except sad just now. I hear her voice and have re-read Wanaka Crew messages to feel her presence instead of the loss. I hope you’ll continue to feel all the magic of your day while honeymooning. It was an fabulous wedding, so very you! Down to earth and funny in parts too. Let’s catch up when you’re settled back at home with your sweet new hubby. I love you ❤️K

    • You said it perfectly … it will take awhile to come to terms with the loss of Pauline. Her wise words and good counsel, her generosity and talent, her love for Danella, Jo, Siddy and Orlando. I feel so blessed to have known her and been loved by her.
      I’m so glad you were on the livestream, and yes, let’s catch up once we get home (Greg has a call with a judge and client this morning, hence the catch up on line).
      Love you much and sending a big ol’ hug of comfort!!!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding, Laurie. May you and your hubby have a long and wealthy love with one another.

    I agree with Deborah – Pauline had a beautiful smile which reflected a beautiful heart.

    • Thank you so much, Mary, for the well wishes, and the comment about Pauline. A beautiful heart is exactly what she had, and what she will long be remembered for! ❤

  3. Beautiful post Laurie. Although I never met Pauline in person I had felt she was a long time friend through our online connection. I am sorry for your loss and offer my condolences to Paulines daughters. Congratulations on your wedding and I can’t wait to meet Greg. I hope you both have a wonderful honeymoon.

  4. Sorry, for the loss of a dear friend! She will be happy that you have something great to celebrate, your vows, on a day of also deep sorrow! Always remember the high notes…and the beautiful brush strokes. Be well, my friend!

  5. Oh, Laurie! You’ve expressed this so beautifully. Once again I’m moved to tears. What a sad loss for all who loved her.

    I love this photo of Pauline! You’ve captured her beautiful smile and the spark in her eyes. It’s so hard to believe she’s gone.


  6. Sweet Laurie I’m glad you are on your honeymoon and celebrating your union, after delays! I know the loss of Pauline hits you hard. Alys’ post showed your face in multiple photos, and the connection between you and Pauline is obvious. I’m grateful to know that Greg is there for the many hugs needed. Here’s a few more from me. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Isn’t it amazing the impact that Pauline had on so many of us! It is so hard to believe she is gone.
      Greg was so good to understand that and was incredibly supportive as I would tell and read stories, and share photos. I just keep thinking of Joanna and Danella and wishing I could do something other than message and send cards.
      Thanks for the love and the hugs! ❤

  7. “That is the gift of blogging, isn’t it? That we can know and love someone despite never having met them. You said it perfectly,” Laurie. Pauline was family here as was Alys. I was so surprised to click your old link and find new posts. That makes me happy. Life is to move forward in, no matter what. That’s how Pauline handled things. Learn from the past, live in the present, imagine the future. You have a beautiful new future and you are both doing good work hand in hand. Enjoy every moment.

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