The Ultimate in Social Distancing

One weekend this past March, while we were all still adjusting to the “new normal” of CoVid19, it was warm enough to ride.

 We decided that time on the motorcycle was the ultimate way to be socially distant.

Typically we ride 100 miles or so before stopping for lunch at a local pub.  In light of the times, we all packed our lunch and enjoyed each other’s company from a distance at a roadside picnic area.

Then we headed back out on the beautiful back roads of Southwest Virginia.  See those splat marks on the windsheild?

I guess it was the warm weather that had so many bugs out and about.

We rode through several rural counties, along too many back roads to count, and the wind in our faces helped us to put aside the worries of the day.

I can’t wait for more rides like this one!

Peace! and Stay Well, my friends

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate in Social Distancing

  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day for a long ride Laurie 🙂 I guess the bugs aren’t that big on social distancing though.

    • Thanks, Lisa! These freezing temps have kept me off the bike lately, and of course, have had me covering my plants. How is your garden holding up?

      • Things look great. It’s bursting with blooms and the plants I have in are all doing well. Not sure when summer crops will get put in though. It’s time to plant beans, and I don’t see that happening soon.

    • And I’d love to have more bike time … darn the freezing temps! Thinking of you today, for you are an amazing mom to many, not just Chris and Mac ❤

      • Laurie, you are so dear. I hope this miserable polar cold snap is the last of your winter weather, and that it is smooth sailing into spring and summer from now on. ox

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