Pacific Coast Highway Tour: Astoria, OR to Newport, OR

We left Astoria knowing that we had less than 150 miles to drive.  Piece of cake, right?  Not on Highway 101 and not when we were stopping every few miles.

What an incredible day!  One minute it was gloriously sunny; the next it was raining, and all of it was wonderful!

I’d aleady had my feet in the Pacific Ocean off of the Washington Coast, and on this day I did the same in Oregon.

Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach

Whale Sighting!

Forgive me! I just realized that these next four images are from Cape Disappointment State Park in Washington!

The Astoria-Megler Bridge

My apologies for the lack of order of these photos! Hope you enjoyed them anyway!

7 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Highway Tour: Astoria, OR to Newport, OR

  1. The order shouldn’t matter much because it’s all from the same section of coast. For me, all the photos have a common theme: they’re from right here!! SO exciting to see such familiar sights on your blog. It’s really wonderful, Laurie, and I’m thrilled that you guys got to spend a little time here and put your feet in the ocean in both Washington and Oregon. Great capture of the whale and the coyote! The leaf barnacles (or gooseneck) on the rocks caught my eye too. When I saw some this spring, I shouted Dragon Claws! Don’t they look like claws?

  2. Gorgeous photos, one and all, Laurie. Wow! Your selfie is adorable and I’m so excited that you got to see a whale! My favorites, above, are the window and the rock with the clouds. Breathtaking.

  3. Beautiful! We would be happy to visit parts of the NW Coast again, in a heart beat.

    Hope your Thanksgiving was warm and good. I am very lucky and thankful to have you in my life.

    We had a lovely thanksgiving here, Dad and 2 other couples with nothing written on their calendars for Thanksgiving. It was lovely and full of various traditions. Unfortunately, dad woke up sick. (Too much rich food? Something else?). I think it is late enough to check in with the others.

    Enjoy life. Love, Janet

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