2 Wheels / 2 Bikes

How wonderful it was to be HOME last weekend!  Especially when the weather was oh so fine.

I started the morning on the bicycle, putting in 16 miles along the river and on our bikeway / walkway.

Once back at the house, I knocked a few items off the “to do list” and then hit the road on the motorcycle.  I crossed over Claytor Lake, and then stopped for a few photos.

I parked the bike for a bit and walked over one of the New River Trail trestles (more photos of that coming soon).

Then it was back on the bike for the ride home.

I may not look happy, but believe me, I was!

21 thoughts on “2 Wheels / 2 Bikes

  1. I like your head scarf – that is very cool! It’s sleet and hail here today so no biking for me 😀 So you call that walking bridge a trestle? I like the look of it. Keep on having fun!! xo

    • Hey Pauline – I’m way behind on replying to comments! Are things starting to dry out over there yet? Any sunshine?
      The head scarves are from a company called Buff. Perfect for riding, and alot of other things, too

      • We have been talking about you today – are your ears burning? 🙂 Need to discuss which ride invitation sounds best to you……. Skype!! Today has been sunny despite rain being predicted. The respite is welcome! And warm. We hit double digits 🙂

    • The views are great, and the clouds add so much to the drama. Having just read your post about Mt Hood, I’d love to come out there and capture those views!

      • Come ahead on. This a a beautiful part of the country and I’ve seen most of it. My son was taking photos here everyday. I’m only 20 min from the airport and happy to give you a ride and a room. 🙂

    • Yes, most of the time happy and busy … trying to work on that busy thing so perhaps I’ll be able to reply to comments in less than 2 weeks time 🙂

    • Thank you, and as I just told Joe, I’m trying to find more time for breaks so perhaps I’ll be able to respond to comments in less than 2 weeks time :-.

  2. Oh, how I love the trail bridges and the New River one is exceptional! What a fun day to be able to get on the bicycle and Harley and enjoy both. Ride safe, Laurie, today and always.

    • Thanks, Mary! I wasn’t able to ride this weekend, sadly, BUT since I was home, I was able to catch up on alot of things, including WP!
      A bunch of friends are riding to British Columbia tomorrow, and they’ll be gone for 3-4 weeks. I’m so jealous!!! Some day, right? 🙂

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