Iron Heart Winery

Instead of attending to the ever present “to do” list, I sent a last minute text to my friend Amy and visited a new winery.

Iron Heart Winery may be new, but the land it sits on is definitely not.  “Nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains in Allisonia, Va., the charming family-owned winery is located in an Industrial Revolution-era farm dating back to the 19th century, providing a rustic and modern atmosphere for visitors to its historic grounds” (

Since we only had a couple hours, I didn’t spend as much time learning the history of this farm and winery as I would have liked.  It was hard to miss this blast furnace which was once used to convert iron ore to more usable types of iron.  The winery website, much to my delight, is full of the history of the farm and the surrounding community.  These folks aren’t wine lovers who decided to open a winery, rather a family who wanted to preserve the land. ❤

“In 2010 the winery started planting vineyards and established their Farm Stay, where you can rent cabins on the property for a lovely weekend getaway. After years of perfecting their grapes for distribution, Iron Heart finally opened the winery to the public in 2017. Currently they are producing Vidal Blanc, Riesling, Rosé, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay and Chambourcin wine styles” (

We were greeted by Rosie, and then entered the tasting room, which is converted from an original corncrib.

The family built this gorgeous stone fire place, and I look forward to sitting by the fire this coming fall and winter.

All the labels celebrate the strength of women in the fashion of Rosie the Riveter, and all of the models were family members or friends.

How can you not love that?!

The day was perfect with bright sunshine, almost too bright for photography, and a steady breeze.  We enjoyed the patio, and playing fetch with Rosie,

Then we took our glasses and walked around the property.

Before we left, Adam, the owner, took us into the wine making room (I’m sure that is NOT what it is really called) and offered us a taste from the cask.  What a treat!  The man is working full time in his “real” job and more than full time in this job / hobby, yet he could not have been more interesting, inviting, and generous with his time.

What a fun, impromptu afternoon.

The ‘to do” list remains, but I have no regrets.

For more about the history of the farm, check visit this link from my friend Brooke Wood, reporter from the Southwest Times.

37 thoughts on “Iron Heart Winery

  1. I do like their labels! Just took a break from finishing up the current cleaning up mess in the art room and found this post sitting all lonely in my in-box, so thanks for giving me a welcome break from my to-do list 😀 It is a lovely looking spot for sure and your photos do it great justice – I hope you gave the owners your blog address! I’m sure they will be so happy to see all these gorgeous photos of their beautiful place. And you know I am always happy to hear when you have taken a break and done something relaxing and fun for yourself xoxo

    • Pauline, having two weekends at home in a row made me realize how much fun and chores I am missing by doing so much civic stuff. I found myself feeling slightly guilty for not doing work and just letting myself play a bit. Ultimately though: no guilt!

      • Laurie, you know this better than anyone: one of the healthiest things to do is take time to refresh. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve spent time with a good friend doing many things you love, inculding taking in new sites with your camera, sampling wine, and supporting women and local businesses). This will give you fresh perspectives on everything. I admire and appreciate what you do for your community and for women at large, but taking breaks is equally important. Gorgeous photos!

      • Thank you both for your encouragement! I am going to work harder to find a bit of balance. Thanks, too, for the photo comments.XO

  2. Barrel tasting are pure heaven. You get the true flavors of the wines prior to bottling. Granted that they do get better as they rest for a while, nothing quite compares to a glass full from the barrel, or vat as it may be. Living here in the heart of Texas wine country, I can truly appreciate your enjoyment.

  3. What a gorgeous place! And you were smart to throw the to-do list in a drawer and follow your instincts on this–nothing could’ve been more important than an afternoon spent relaxing like this. And the winery should hire you to do their publicity shots–your photos are great. (Maybe you could work out a barter, for all the wine you can drink!)

    • Love that barter idea!
      I felt twinges of guilt for avoiding tasks that needed doing, but more than that, I realized that I need to focus a bit more on fun. All of us have our passions and civic commitments, but sometimes we need to back up a bit and direct our passions to non-work stuff.

  4. Perfect choice for the afternoon! My calendar has “must do” (but very fun) items on it for the rest of July, so such impromtu journeys will have to wait a bit (but not too long! The summer is quickly evaporating……….sigh). Vineyards are so wonderfully pastoral and serene pieces of heaven and your photos have caught the spirit (forgive the pun!) of the spot beautifully. Hugs………….

  5. Incredible images and story Laurie 🙂 Looks like a great place to stay for a weekend and relax. Terry and I had stayed at a winery on the shores of Lake Seneca (upstate NY) called Glenora Vineyards and the wines were of the sweeter varieties but the on site gourmet restaurant, accommodations and the scenery were breathtaking.

    • It is definitely in plan to visit some of the update NY wineries. The Finger Lakes area and the Addirondacks are two areas in particular I’d love to see. Oh! I just looked up Lake Seneca and see that it is in the Fingerlakes. Someday!

      • There are a lot of wineries in the Finger Lakes region but by far the best part of the visit were the waterfalls in Watkins Glen State Park. As you walk through the glen you pass under something like 100 waterfalls.

  6. Sometimes an impromptu trip is fabulous and this looks like it was well worth the to do list toss! That fireplace is alluring and the idea of going and spending time in a cottage equally alluring. That art is great, too. Now was the wine good?

    • You know, it really was good. I am a red wine fan so I’m waiting for that to be bottled. It’s a very new winery but I think the wine is already better than a lot of established small wineries

  7. Before I forget, and that’s easy to do at my age, I agree with Alys. Having fun is the best thing you can do for your health. And this really looked VERY HEALTHY to me! I love the labels on the bottles, the energy you feel from just looking at the photos tell me I’d love to visit there. They are great photos by the way. 🙂 It just sounds luscious and lovely.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement of finding a bit more balance in life. I wish I could show you this place. I think you’d really love sitting out on that patio enjoying the wine and The View

  8. Laurie, I guess it’s my turn to catch up with your blog. What an awesome place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. Your photos are amazing, as usual. I love the idea of staying in one of the cabins, among the beauty of the landscape and the bottles of strong women. Great idea for the name and labels!

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