The Cruise Experience

Almost six weeks ago I went on a cruise, a mode of travel that I never anticipated experiencing.

According to Cruise Ship Industry Statistics, over 20 million people cruise per year so clearly, it is a popular way to vacation.  Frankly though, I had my misgivings.

Even though I’d be off of work and with close friends for a week, I kept saying “I’m just not sure that I’m a cruise kinda gal”.  Even after having a super fun time, I’m still not sure if I’d do it again.

Not because I didn’t enjoy myself, but because there are so many things to do in this big, wide world and in that I have only 3 weeks vacation per year (thanks to unplanned and planned job changes), I just need to use the time I have to experience new things.

Having said all of that, I had an incredible time with dear friends, spent alot of time with my camera in hand, had a blast on a zipline (wow!), and enjoyed lots of good food and drink.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some images from the cruise.  You’ll see food and drink (mostly drink – ha!), flowers and birds, doors and architecture, scenes from the ship, and assorted miscellany.

Thanks for still coming to visit despite my protracted absences.  I’ve started a new organization and am working to encourage women to run for office or to support those who have decided to run.  I’ve also just finished working on our community’s annual Ride of Silence, and am looking forward to helping with the annual Memorial Day Service.

Next Post:  Cruising – Birds and Flowers

34 thoughts on “The Cruise Experience

  1. Those are some beautiful images, Laurie. I’ve often thought about taking a cruise and think it could be fun but have a lot of apprehensions of being on the ocean. Too many bad news stories. Funny though, that’s how I got to this country the first time; on a ship. So glad you took advantage and did it at least once. I always think of cruising as a floating restaurant. I wouldn’t find a whole lot of interest for myself. Maybe the food, drink and a chance to read a lot would be nice. I do wish more women were interested in politics. I do wish you could have won your election. They don’t know what they are missing.

    • You came to this country on a boat? Have you written about this? If so, please share a link!
      In terms of the cruise: floating restaurant for sure! I’m thankful that I am able to take stairs. We never took an elevator and I came home without having gained any weight.
      I very much enjoyed talking with all of the staff, hearing their stories, and from what country they hailed.
      The best part of the whole thing? Coffee on the balcony in the morning. Ah, lovely!

      • I’m green with envy! Coffee on the balcony! No, I have not written about many things in my life. I tend to hold a lot back. Maybe it’s time to rethink that. I prefer stairs to elevators as well. I’m claustrophobic. 😦

  2. I’m so glad you were able to take time out of your busy schedule and just kick back and enjoy yourself 😀 I love all of these images but my favorite one is the tack sharp fishing boat with the buttery smooth bokeh fading to the cruise ship in the background. Beautiful work my friend.

    PS – Just in case I never told you I am so proud of your activism and other work you do for your community in your spare time (the spare time part was a joke) 😜

    • I’m so glad that you liked that image, Joe. I was worried that the fishing boat in front wasn’t obvious enough.
      Thank you for your comment. I think I am beginning to get control of my schedule. Between the new job and all the civic stuff, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up. I’m getting there though!

  3. Wow, looks like you got some great shots on the cruise. I’ve yet to take one, but may at some point. I love that you started this organization for women running for office. Does it have a web site I could visit yet?

    • No website yet, Lisa. I’ve set up a distribution list and a FB page thus far, and have spent the last 4 months hosting gatherings throughout the New River Valley. It’s been so inspiring to see women (and the men that support them) getting involved. We educate them about the reasons that hinder women from running, we teach them how to get started in civics / politics, and finally, we encourage women to support other women.

  4. Well, of course you have started a new organisation, what else would you do with that spare minute every day? 🙂 On reflection I’m not surprised to hear you say you think one cruise experience is enough – but at least you have done that and hopefully had a really nice time with your friends while just breathing out and relaxing! Lovely photos – I think I like the really old and worn signage one, with the cruise liner lurking in the background. The juxtaposition of haves and have-nots….. xoxo

    • I like the old and new boat / ship image, too, and your interpretation of the haves and have nots is right on target. I felt that way much of the trip … I’ll share more about that when we skype. We need to set that up!

  5. I’ve never cruised either, and don’t think of myself as that type of gal–I like museums and art galleries and used bookstores too much! Having said that, as busy as you’ve been, a cruise almost forces you to relax and unwind and kick back, and I bet that felt pretty good!

    • What was interesting about the cruise is that it didnt seem relaxing. It always seemed to me that we had to keep doing things, and because of that I absolutely loved my morning coffee on the balcony. THAT was a treat.
      Ziplining for the first time was also great. Photos of that later 🙂
      I was surprised by the number of people who cruise all the time. Every vacation.
      Not this woman!

  6. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Sometime perhaps I’ll try a cruise, but yes. There is a lot to see in the time we each have.

  7. I am with you on cruising Laurie. My husband & I went on an Alaskan cruise a few years back & while I enjoyed it, I must admit, it is not the way I like to travel. Too touristy for my liking, I much prefer to immerse myself in place & really explore an area. Gorgeous pics though, look forward to more!

  8. Add me to the list of people who can’t imagine taking a cruise. Not my idea of travel.
    Your photos however are typically beautiful.

    Like Joe said, I too am in awe of the political work you do in your *spare* time. You’re a powerhouse and people like you make a difference.

    • Thank you for that kind complement, Joanne. I just wish I had more time out of the office to do more. I’ve loved getting out and working to encourage women to become more civically and politically involved

    • You should definitely give a cruise a try, especially if you haven’t done so before. There are short sailings to give you just a little preview of what the experience is like, but it’s such a fun way to travel.

      • Thanks for the advice. If there is one cruise that sounds appealing to me, it’s along the BC coast to Alaska. I’ve heard wonderful things about it and I can’t imagine I would otherwise ever get to travel that route.

  9. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this cruise, Laurie. I’ve never been in a big hurry to go either. I did go on a Tall Sailboat Cruise with Mike many years ago, with several Caribbean ports of call. Mike loves to sail, and on this type of cruise you could actually pull the sails, steer the boat (in open sea) and really feel at one with the sea. There were only about 150 people on board.

    Your photos are stunning. I’m glad you had a good time away.

    • That cruise sounds wonderful! My parents took a similar one and loved it.
      This one was quite an experience with good memories and a wonderful time with friends. However, I’ll not mind if I never go on another.

    • Thank you, John,and thanks for visiting! I am an avid amateur photographer, and love to photo document my journey through life.

      • That’s great! I’ve been a photographer for most of my life but never got into it professionally (other than the occasional shoot for a friend of a friend etc) since I always enjoyed it as a creative outlet. It’s so much fun. I’m enjoying your posts and pictures, looking forward to seeing more. I’ve got a cruise coming up next month so I’ll be sharing quite a bit over on my blog as well.

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