Cruising: The Ship

My last two posts about the cruise have focused on the experience and the flowers and birds.  You’ve read that I had my reservations about cruising, and while I’m not sure that I’d do it again, I found much to enjoy.

The ship itself, the Norwegian Jade, also offered wonderful opportunities for photography and I rarely went anywhere without my camera!

Was it the contrast between the natural and the human made world?

Or the wonderful patterns of repetition.

Perhaps it was how vast the ship was,

especially when standing between the Jade and her sister ship, the Dawn.

I loved the comparison of this classic tall ship and the new cruise style ship.

I adored having a morning cup of coffee on the balcony, one of the absolute best things about the cruise!.

I even slept on that balcony one night after dragging out a blanket and pillow, and laying on the deck.  The sea, the wind, the stars … it was an amazing thing to be in middle of the Caribbean Sea, and to feel so close to nature and to feel her power.

What a gift!

Next Cruising Post – The Doors and Windows and Architecture

17 thoughts on “Cruising: The Ship

    • I had significant reservations about cruising (I noted that in my two previous posts, but just added that comment to this one). Thankfully, though, I always have a good time and very much enjoyed time with my friends.
      Can’t wait to hear more about YOUR trip! Now that is the type of travel I’d like to experience.

    • It was awesome out on that balcony!
      While I had my reservations, I definitely kept reminding myself how fortunate I was to have had the experience.

  1. Aren’t ships impressive? I spent the first twenty years of my working life as a shipbuilder, and they still amaze me. My wife and I will be taking a smaller boat up the Danube next week. I’ll post pics when I return.

    • What a neat part of your story, Jim. As a “navy brat”, I grew up around ships, but certainly didn’t know shipbuilders. Hard work, I’m sure, but it sounds cool none the less.
      I had reservations about cruising … but had fun, as I always do.
      Your trip sounds fabulous and more in line with how I’d like to travel. Enjoy!!

  2. Reservations or not my friend it was an experience – and now you never need wonder if you would enjoy cruising 🙂 And what great photos! I would have been star gazing and snoozing alongside you on that balcony – what a great way to spend a night!!

  3. I think it’s neat how you took the experience as a challenge to find different photos ops! Wouldn’t it be fun to go for a cruise on that tall sailing ship??

  4. Small world! I think the Norwegian Jade is the ship that was docked when we were in Cobh,Ireland, and it is big!!

  5. I can feel the wind in my hair from here. 🙂 I bet the stars are extra bright out there. It must be like sleeping on the beach but even better. I took a ride to Catalina on a tall ship many years ago. That was a fun experience. Have never come anywhere close to a cruise liner in my adult years though. I would love the experience of it but there is always some hesitation. You know, the fact there is no ground under your feet. 🙂 Great shots.

  6. I love the idea of laying outside on the balcony of a boat and sleeping under the stars. It must have been wonderful 🙂
    Great photos – especially the two ships old and new.

  7. Great shots, Laurie. I love the way the sky is varied in each shot and the way the symmetry of the deck chairs, lounges and rails are a lovely contrast to the ever-changing movement of clouds. I’m glad you had a good time with friends most of all.

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