Gift from Pauline

An extroidanary gift arrived at my home last week.

Dear friend Pauline had given me a birthday gift, born from her heart and crafted by her talent.   If you look closely, you’ll see many lovely details, and I’m going to take a tip from Alys and Boomdee and highlight various parts of it.

 Unknown to Pauline, the quote at the bottom of the painting is one of my favorites, and one that I’ve had hanging on the wall of my office for years.

Look at the exhaust pipe.

Pauline noted that the bike’s exhaust “exhumes little dots of glimmery stuff that then floats off around the canvas”.

Of course I had noticed the camera (can you see that it says Her Story on it ❤ ) but it was Alys who pointed out the cheering people along the bottom of the canvas.

Aren’t the colors just stunning?

And then there’s the wine glass 🙂

I am so thrilled and honored and touched by this gift, and I cannot wait to put it up on my office wall.  I know that my patients will love seeing it and I look foward to telling them all about my friend Pauline.

Please visit Pauline at The Contented Crafter.  She is a gem in my life, one of the many WordPress gems that I have come to know, and who have enriched my life.

43 thoughts on “Gift from Pauline

  1. I’m so glad you got the painting safely. Thank you so much for the close up. There were details I couldn’t see. I love every inch of it. I did notice the glass of wine. 🙂 And I absolutely agree. She is a gem in so many of our lives. One to treasure. She captured who I think you are perfectly, especially the smile.

  2. This is such a great gift Laurie 🙂 I’m glad you pointed out some of the small details which makes this piece of art even more special. Pauline is so talented and I really wish I would have been able to meet her when all of you had your get together.

  3. The painting is so very cool – and so you. The artist really captured your essence. Those little features like the camera and cheering people add to the painting and to your character as the subject of the painting. I love it! Amazing!

    • Angie, I love that you come to the blog AND make comments. It means so much to have one of my oldest and dearest friends checking in.
      It’s been a year since our last reunion. Time to begin planning for the next one!

  4. I’m just so thrilled that you like it Laurie – thank you for the pingback and for your enthusiastic reception. I hope this clarifies how well loved and appreciated you are 🙂 xoxo ❤

  5. When I gave birth to my second son on Father’s Day, I told Mike it would be impossible to top that gift. That’s what I’m thinking here looking at the most magical, personal, wonderful gift. I’m happy to hear you’ll be hanging it in your office for others to see. I’ll bet it will be a conversation starter, too. Enjoy, enjoy. xo

  6. This is so awesome! I saw more details this time, after seeing the artwork on Pauline’s site–I’m glad you pointed them out. It’s that kind of little touch that really, really sets this apart!

  7. Pauline is obviously very talented and insightful to have created such a unique gift for you, but it also tells me that you are obviously a very special person for Pauline to have wanted to make the effort ❤

    Thanks for sharing some of the details … like the cheering people at the bottom. I would likely have missed these special details.

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