Make It a Movement


I find that I have to keep the tissues close at hand as the emotions of 1/21/2017 overwhelm me.
Millions marched the world over.
More than 500,000 in DC with no arrests.
Not one negative comment or action did I witness.
Solidarity. Love. Passion. Commitment. Unity.
As my good friend and fellow marcher, Jim, noted “Now it is time to see that this marvelous moment becomes a meaningful movement that perseveres forward toward a future where justice and equality prevail. We shall not rest”.
That is our challenge.

About these images: As we walked the 2 miles along East Capitol St, from RFK Stadium to the rally site, the people who lived there welcomed us with signs, high fives (and high walkers), cheers and thumbs up.

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As you might imagine, I have hundreds of photos to process. Β I’ll be sharing more about this historic march as the days and weeks go by. Β I realize that not all of you agree with me on these issues, but for those who do:

Let’s Make it a Movement!

I’ve already planned a Let’s Elect More Women event and havee got a postcard writing party in the works.

10 Actions / 100 Days

32 thoughts on “Make It a Movement

  1. Outstanding images that really capture the spirit and mood of this wonderful event Laurie πŸ˜€ Very proud to call you my friend.

    PS I love the image of the woman swinging the walker in the air πŸ˜€

    • Oh me, too! Isn’t she great! I had a few blisters on my toes, but I hated to whine as I saw so many people marching with walkers, in wheelchairs; people 25 yrs older than me. Inspiring!

  2. I agree with Joe, that woman with the walker truly captures the spirit of the day. I saw many grandmothers marching for their granddaughters, all ages, all walks of life coming together for a very special movement. It was incredible! Can’t wait to see more images through your eyes.

    • What a tremendous gift of reassurance this march was. We are NOT alone! and I’m so thankful that my close friends are right there beside me!

  3. I’ll join the choir: I’m proud to call you my friend and agree with all you’ve said. I can’t wait to see more photos of your incredibly day. I’ve been weeping too. It’s been an emotional 24 hours.

    • Right back atcha, Alys! I just added the 10 Actions / 100 Days to this post. Should have thought of it earlier. I appreciate the reminder.
      We’re in for a long battle. So thankful that we are in it together!

      • Laurie, I too am thankful we are in it together. I’m trying to remain mindful every day, taking action with letters, cards, calls and local involvement. It’s so hard not to feel discouraged every time something else comes out of his mouth. I’m working on strategies for that so that I don’t become overwhelmed.

  4. I’m in complete agreement with Alys. Love the new look. Granny and her walker brought me to tears. We have come so far to slide backwards. My sister marched for us in Portland OR. It’s not something I can safely do. My heart is there though. Looking forward to more photos. Bless those poor little toes. They served you well.

    • Like you, I get all teary when I look at that walker raised high in solidarity!
      We marched for ALL of us – everyone who couldn’t be there. Marlene, it was just incredible.
      My toes are healing up nicely, thank you. One of the people on our bus had a fit bit and said we walked 10 miles! It wasn’t smart to wear my almost new boots πŸ™‚

      • I was worn out when I did 4 miles a couple of years ago. My feet were very unhappy. 10 is unthinkable for me. Almost new boots! 😦 Thanks for walking for the rest of us.

  5. A standing ovation is coming your way from down here my friend! I was hanging out to hear news of the march and figured no news was good news – because if anything had gone wrong it would have been screamed from every corner….. Danella just told me if I’d looked on fb I would have known more quickly – ooops! πŸ™‚

    Half a million people, 10 miles and not an angry shot fired – I am so proud of you all, so heartened, so hopeful! You are making history and in the process making change. I imagine the shades of all the great peacemakers throughout time walked alongside you all that day. May your movement be blessed and grow ever stronger, ever larger and ever more effective!

    • You always know just what to say! “the shades of all the great peacemakers throughout time walked with you today”. Makes me teary … again!
      We’ll keep fighting.

  6. Love the raised walker. What a great set of photos. The one I like best is the ‘Keep your tiny hands off my rights’ sign. I’m glad you went and that so many did–I met some women on Friday who had flown here from Bend Oregon!! So cool. Now everyone needs to stay galvanized. Letters and calls to our elected officials! Action in our communities.

    • Yes! We need to stay galvanized. I just added the link for 10 Actions / 100 Days and have planned a Let’s Elect More Women party, and have a card writing party in the works!
      So glad you got to meet up with travelers from so far away. What a great experience!

  7. I’ve been thinking about you and knowing you were in heaven at this march! I love the theme of this post–all those people supporting the cause in their own ways! I’ll look forward to hearing more when you’re ready to share it.

  8. Looking at your images, I can feel the emotion of this day Laurie. Like many have commented, I love the photo of the woman with her walker raised in the air. Well done my friend!

    • That raised walker says it all, doesn’t it? If I’d never made it to the rally site, that 2 mile walk would have sufficed. It was an amazing experience going through that neighborhood.

  9. Knew you’d be there, LB. It was my daughter’s first organized march. She was very inspired. Reminds me of the Vietnam war demonstrations when I was her have. Be well.

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