A symbol as simple as a safety pin can be an important first step in showing solidarity and support for people who are scared and upset at this time. Tell people that they are safe with you.  Join this movement, inspired by Brexit.

#safetypin     #whentheygolowwegohigh    #solidarity

12 thoughts on “#safetypin

  1. Great post but I will have to take your word about the pin Laurie 🙂 it’s unfortunate when we met I didn’t show you my clumsy side (or should I say fortunate).

    • I am wearing one and been sharing here, on FB (altough I’ve been avoiding it other than to share this information), Twitter, and Instagram. It makes me feel that I am doing something in the face of devastation.
      So incredibly frightened and horrified

  2. We need to rally here in the US. I like the safety pin idea. Here is my letter to President Obama, I am worried that the under the rule of Trump our country will start becoming like North Korea. Bigotry and oppression will take over. I hope you will not welcome or back Trump. I am very much afraid for our future. I plan to join others in protesting. It would be wonderful to have your help and support.

    • I echo your comments and fought against the president-elect every way that I could (I can’t even say his name). While devastated this past few days, I will actively fight all the negativity that he has spawned OR has been latent and surfacing throughout his campaign.

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