Fading Beauty

As I walked into the kitchen the other day, I saw the fading blooms on what had been a bright yellow fall mum.  Past it’s prime, the blooms still drew my eye and my camera.


The demands of new job and civic work will continue to interfere with my ability to post more than a single image for the next few weeks.  Soon though, I’ll be back on track, and until then, I thank you for being here even if I don’t get over to your place.

In the meantime, for those in the US, please make sure you make a plan to vote, and then be sure to follow that plan.

Frightening days, indeed.

10 thoughts on “Fading Beauty

  1. Thanks for checking in, Laurie. Our ballot is marked and ready to go. We’ll be voting in our garage again this year. There are three voting Democrats in the house now. My youngest son is 16 so missed out this time. He’s with us in spirit though.

    I hope things are going well with your new practice.

  2. My mums are fading, too. We’ve had several light frosts. My mums are still struggling to bloom, but the frosts have done a lot of damage to the plants and they look very weary.

  3. Its a beautiful image even though the mum is past its prime Laurie 🙂 I’ll repeat what I posted on Facebook “I can’t wait until this election is over and we can get back to having fun on Facebook. I haven’t seen who was having pork chops for dinner in ages” 🙂 I have my number two pencil sharpened and ready to cast my ballot.

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