It All Adds Up





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It all adds up to a fantastic family vacation at the beach, one where I used the cell phone more than the camera (but you already picked up on that, huh).  Blessed beyond measure!


I spent a total of two non-consective weeks in North Carolina, a state I have boycotted since the passage of HB2.  What do you do when plans have been made for over a year, and deposits were paid before North Carolina decided to pass such a controversial law?  You keep your plans and contribute to Equality NC.  From here on out, like the NBA, lots of musicians and corporations, I will continue to avoid spending money in NC.


And now, I’m off to visit all of you!

27 thoughts on “It All Adds Up

  1. Great photos and I can’t tell the difference between cell phone and camera. Helps to be a little nearsighted. 🙂 Glad you were able to have an enjoyable visit in spite of the ignorance of lawmakers. For as long as we have been adults, my sister was afraid to use a public restroom without me or a close friend going with her. Most of the time, she won’t go in one. Sad, sad, sad. It’s why she chose Portland, Oregon to settle in but there are still problems here too. ignorance is a hard thing to deal with. I just keep telling her, one mind at a time.

  2. Lovely photos but I’m surprised there’s not been a comment about the “Storm” photo background. Obviously, that stayed away from all of you!!!! Heading to the East Coast in a week. Still not exactly sure of our scheduling……hoping for a little less of that heat/humidity you’ve been having. We’ve gotten quite used to the low 70s…..LOL!!!!!

  3. The “storm” photo — that’s a tornado in the background, isn’t it?! Honestly, Laurie, you are a magnificent human being. I love knowing fabulous people like you. That you share your travels and stunning photography is icing on the cake.

    • Mary, you have such a gift of making people feel loved! Thank you for your generous words. I’m so fortunate to call you friend.
      Yes, that was either a water spout or a tornado. We did not hear about a tornado, so we assumed water spout. There was such energy out there on that pier. My son, nephew, nieces, and I were excited, moved, and slightly nervous.

  4. What an awesome time for you with family…on a beach with food and wine. How much better can it get? I love that you are such a wonderful activist when it comes to people, that you care about everyone and human rights. The world would be a better place if we all stood for that ideal. Kudos to you, Laurie!

    • I have several good friends who live in NC and they’re all hoping, and working to make sure McCrory is not re-elected. NC is a state I frequent so I’m also hoping HB2 will be overturned.

  5. Wow, the love shines through. Your family looks like ya’ all really enjoy each others company. That’s really wonderful. No wonder you’re such a dear and generous heart LB, I can see happy influence at every turn. Your very first photo looks like a Hollywood backdrop. I’ve never been to NC. I hope that the majority of residents are more inclusive than the state law makers seem to be. xo K

  6. Laurie, I’m so honored to know you. I wish everyone were as principled. I’m happy to hear you had a good time among family. The photos speak for themselves: you belong to a wonderful family of caring people. I love your photos, today and always. And now I want a cob of corn dripping in butter, sprinkled with black pepper. 😉

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